In-home massage therapy is convenient. You feel safe and comfortable in your own space, and it saves you the time it takes to travel to the therapist's office and back. The downside is that there can be a lot of distractions at home that fight for your attention and keep you from fully relaxing. In order to get the most benefit from a massage in your home, you need to prepare yourself beforehand and eliminate as many distractions as possible.

Since the massage will be taking place in your own home, your job as the client is to create a relaxing atmosphere and take care of important details before the therapist arrives. Phones ringing, kids yelling, and dogs barking can introduce stress into the session. As much as possible, eliminate these potential distractions before your massage. Turn off the phones. Take care of your pets' needs and make sure they will not be under foot. Ask other people in the house not to disturb you for the duration of the massage session and take care of any pressing details so that they are not weighing on your mind.

The next step is to prepare yourself and your massage room. The room you choose should allow for privacy and be large enough to comfortably fit a massage table. The minimum amount of space required is usually 7 x 10 feet, although your therapist may require more. There should be enough room for the therapist to easily move around the massage table on all sides and maintain proper body mechanics. Move furniture out of the room or off to the side as needed to create a large, open space. The larger the space, the less cramped you will feel and the more comfortable your therapist will be during the session. If you have a private backyard or patio, this can be a relaxing place for a massage; however, if weather conditions are fickle or you live in a noisy neighborhood, an indoor setting may be a better choice.

Ask your massage therapist about details such as music and aromatherapy. Some therapists take care of these details themselves. If not, you may wish to light scented candles and turn on your favorite music for relaxing. Turn down the lights, close the blinds for privacy, and adjust the temperature to your comfort level. Take a few minutes to relax before the therapist arrives. Meditate, stretch, listen to music, or do whatever helps you let go of any stress you may be feeling.

For the most comfort during the massage, avoid eating any heavy foods for two hours before the session so that you can lie on your stomach without any discomfort. Get plenty of sleep the night before so that you are well rested. Shower or rinse off before the massage if you are sweaty or dirty. Your therapist will appreciate working on clean, dry skin.

After your session, drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins released from your muscles. In between treatments from your therapist, do what you can to stay relaxed and healthy. Follow a simple stretching routine every day and focus on correcting your posture to help the muscles stay loose and tension-free. Consider purchasing your own massage table so that you and a partner can practice simple strokes on one another. There are a wide variety of low-cost massage tables available for home use. You can also use electronic massagers or self-massage techniques to reduce stress in between therapist sessions. The more you strive for health and balance as a regular part of your life, the more beneficial your in home massages will be and the more relaxed you will feel on a daily basis.

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