I usually stay away from the subject of single mom dating. There are plenty of other bloggers that talk about this subject. But I’d like to share what has worked for me in the past. I got great results and a great friend using this method. Your mileage may vary so use your own instincts and most of all know yourself before you embark on this journey.

Here are my suggestions for getting great results with online dating. It takes trial and error but mostly common sense. All in all there is nothing like meeting and dating the old-fashioned way, but online introductions can kick things off. So her it goes….

Decide what is most important in your life. What are your beliefs, hobbies, causes? Imagine the person who would fit into your life and write an ad describing what and who you are looking for. Search for a specific kind of man that shares unique, yet important characteristics like you. For example, if you enjoy rock climbing and sushi put that in your ad. You want to attract a man who has one or two main interests, or beliefs as you.

Post your ad in the women for men section of Craigslist.org or other dating site. Choose the city or metro area closest to you. Be realistic about the distance a person would have to travel to see you and visa versa. Traveling out of town can be stressful, potentially dangerous, and can get old quickly.

Be realistic about the results. When you narrow your search you will only receive a handful of responses. This is good because you are looking for the person that is compatible to you.

Screen the responses you receive. Does what he says speak to your heart? Do you find him attractive? Does he come across as honest? Is he positive? What do your instincts tell you?

Choose two or three candidates to correspond with and exchange emails until you feel comfortable with receiving phone calls. If a man pressures you to go faster than you are comfortable stop writing him. Trust your instincts. Eventually you will discover who your favorite person is in time. If none of them are right for you, start your process over again and tweak your ad to be more specific.

Develop an unattached point of view. You don’t know this person well enough to make any emotional decisions. So guard your heart for the first three to six months of dating. You can always make the decision to end the relationship so don’t feel pressured to continue seeing a man when you don’t want to anymore.

Know what you want in a relationship and have a good sense of boundaries. Things will not always play out like you imagine but anything too far off is a warning sign that this is probably not what you want.

Post other ads with different titles and descriptions to see if you get responses from the same men or the man you are fond of. Does he say the same thing, using the same words as he did in his initial response to you? If so his canned response is a sign that he is not honest and not interested in you as a person. He is playing a numbers game and the more charming he seems the worse it is for you. He has perfected his game is likely only after one thing.

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