Ever considered buying a hot tub? Know that adding a hot tub to one's property is an investment that will help escalate a home's resale value? Aside from all intents and purposes, getting one would also mean that enjoying a daily dose of paradise without having to leave the comfort of home. Add to that the convenience of not having to spend exorbitant fees that spas and resorts offer. Studies conducted by the Mayo Clinic and even the New England Journal of Medicine have shown that soaking in a hot tub can provide many important health benefits. For experienced hot tub owners, there is one universal response as to why they spent a reasonable amount of money in purchasing a hot tub- RELAXATION!

Mike Stampfer, owner of www.Spasnstuff.com, has provided these helpful tips to follow for a soothing Hot Tub experience and to enjoying a twenty-minute vacation right in one's backyard.

1. Temperature- The optimum temperature for getting the most out of this backyard vacation is between 98 and 102 degrees Fahrenheit. One can also experiment within this range of temperatures to a preferred setting for an enjoyable hot tub experience.

2. Mood- The hot tub is best enjoyed coming home after a hard days work. Turning off the lights and simply gazing up at the stars on a moonlit night will definitely help to soothe and relax both mind and body. Light up some candles too and place them around the hot tub to provide the best ambiance for a backyard escape. Adding some aromatherapy products to the soak will help stimulate some additional relaxation; just make sure though that the product is specifically made for use in hot tubs.

3. Company- What would be the essence of a hot tub experience if there is no one to share it with? The soothing warmth of the water is best enjoyed in the company of a special someone and makes the setting an ideal opportunity for quiet conversation.

4. Refreshments- It is important to stay hydrated during the soak, but it is advisable not to consume alcoholic beverages in the hot tub for it can create some adverse health risks. The Hot Tub plunge is to relax and detoxify, so try a refreshing fruit smoothie instead. Adding a tropical drink umbrella will also give you that "vacation mentality" without spending a dime on the experience.

5. Moderation- Medical Studies have shown that over-exposure to excess heat is dangerous to one's body, so don't risk it. A moderate soak in a hot tub is advised, but limit immersion time to twenty minutes and that's it. One can always come back for more anyway. However the benefits of improved circulation, cardiac output and purifying your body toxins make it so worthwhile.

With that said, forget that pending resort and spa membership or that long desired expensive trip to Paris this year and enjoy a vacation instead right in the backyard everyday!

Create one's own backyard sanctuary now by installing a hot tub which will provide years of enjoyment not just for family but friends and loved ones too.