The American Institute of Stress acknowledges there is no single definition for stress. Stress affects almost everyone differently and what stresses one person might not another. One thing experts do agree upon, however, is the fact that stress can have some very serious implications. One of the most common places for people to experience stress is in their daily working lives. When managing work stress and its effects becomes important, learning effective stress management techniques can help.

Techniques to manage work stress can be very important for helping people stay focused and in control on difficult days. While most people would love to say they enjoy their jobs and derive no stress from them whatsoever, this simply is often not the case. When stress builds up in the office, releasing it effectively is not only good for the mind and body, but could preserve or even advance a career.

Some of the best management techniques for work stress in high-pressure situations, or even on days when everything just seems to be going wrong, include:

• Taking a break. This is one of the best techniques for managing work stress. If tension is piling up, taking five to regroup is always a good idea. Whether a person just sits at their desk and closes their eyes for a few minutes, visualizes themselves tackling the problems facing them or gets up and walks around, the result can be a calmer feeling and a mind that is more focused on the job at hand.

• Exercise. Some people find that this is among the best work stress management techniques going. Walking the stairs during lunch hour or just taking a walk around the building can relieve some of the tension of the day. Plus, it's good for the body and helps get the blood flowing and the brain working.

• Deep breathing, relaxation techniques. If stressors pile up too high, or a meeting is going out of control, relaxation techniques can help manage work stress and resulting in the desired performance. Taking a deep breath before answering a complaint call, spending two minutes meditating before facing an angry boss or co-worker, or even working muscles to make them relax a bit can also put a person in a better position to release stress and face the day.

Even people who work in the fields they want and truly enjoy their jobs can carry the baggage of work stress. When working some of it off and making sure reactions and behaviors are appropriate, using the techniques listed above in managing work stress can come in handy. Just a few minutes here and there to refocus and recharge can make all the difference in the world.

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