Everyone loves Thanksgiving, don’t they? Yet there have been plenty of holiday meals where many have felt like large rolly pollies complete with hands on our aching, protruding bellies. Pants are stretched out to maximum capacity by the time the end of the holidays roll around, from all the stuffing, turkey, cranberries, and pumpkin pie -- just some of the fabulous delicacies that make holiday meals absolutely scrumptious.

What if this holiday season you could enjoy all these delicious foods, but not overdo it? Yes, eat and enjoy, but know that by January 1st you won't be looking for a weight loss plan to take all that holiday weight off. This holiday will be different for you. We know t it can! Here are five (5) tips to keep you feeling in tip-top shape both mind and body:

1. Differentiate between loving food and NEEDING food. It’s critical to get a handle on holiday foods by making sure you do up-front mental and emotional clearings before walking into a whole house full of “trigger-foods”. Turkey, stuffing and pecan pies are delicious - but if you are feeling physically, emotionally, or psychologically drawn to these foods, then you must get these balanced out so you enjoy these without HAVING to devour every single morsel.

2. Have you ever noticed that you overdo your eating out of habit, even when there is no logical reason for it? For example, every holiday season you absentmindedly overeat at Aunt Selma’s house and it’s just the way it is. It’s as if you set yourself up to fail or overeat just because it’s the thing to do. What if it weren’t? What if the thing to do was to stay in harmony with your body – feeling totally confident that you would eat what your body needs and not an ounce more? This automatic way of overeating during the holiday season is due to your cellular memory around this time of year. Your cells have become accustomed to overeating out of habit - it's what we call you "cellular memory". This memory is entirely unconscious and both your mind and your body will continue to repeat these old holiday patterns because your cellular memory is literally in the groove of having it this way. As you change your cells and their vibration, then you change this memory and your holiday eating outcome.

3. Begin clearing your holiday food triggers on ALL levels: the physical body is where you hold childhood and adolescent food triggers. The physical body cares primarily about keeping you protected and safe. The emotional body holds on to foods for comfort and soothing; mainly anything that is missing from the emotional body. The mental body holds on to food for either frustrated or boredom. Frustration being a conflicting emotion between what you desire and what you should do; like when you really want to go to sleep, but it's 3:00 in the afternoon and you have tons on your plate so you can’t. As you begin identifying which body the craving originates from, you can clear the source of the craving and by clearing on ALL levels, you can have permanent results.

4. Find a program that will help you achieve permanent results. YOU are an individual, and YOU need an individualized method for tapping into why you lose focus and ultimately end up eating too much. Tapping into your OWN infinite wisdom or finding someone to help you do so can be extremely helpful in finding exactly what works for you and your body this holiday season. Using a technique that goes directly to the original source -- the exact moment when you created the craving or need for these trigger foods (even if you aren't consciously aware of when that was!) And going back to the originating event is what helps you to clear it permanently. EFT and other clearing practices can be a great way to see permanent or semi-permanent results. This holiday season make sure you find a program or strategy that sticks.

5 . Recent research has established that overweight people overeat because their food cravings are controlled by the same part of the brain that control drug cravings in addicts. This brain circuitry located in the hippocampus is the part of the brain that is also involved with emotion. It's no wonder that during the holiday season your brain circuitry is driven wild by all the foods that are constantly being placed in front of you - whether it's a holiday meal, massive amounts of extra food at the office, or commercials everywhere encouraging you to buy, buy, buy. These powerful findings acknowledge and reinforce the fact that dealing with emotions is not only powerful, but necessary. Using energy work along side cognitive and behavioral coaching to conquer food cravings will help you eliminate and clear blocked food cravings so you can experience the holiday season with freedom, joy and thinness.

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Non-Diet Diva Marna Goldstein Thall and Belief-Shifting Expert Amy Scott Grant have teamed up to create a powerful technology to permanently clear food triggers and addictions. Learn more about the “Free From Food” audio program by visiting Thin Within.