You create what you have including creating what you do not want. So why do you create what you do not want? Only you can answer that question. Experience proves you do this because you give in to self doubt and fear, unhappiness and negativity. Limiting beliefs. They are the crux of us all. Everyone has them, everyone fights them. Only a few of us win over them.

Changing limiting beliefs starts with looking at what you do not want. For example: I do not want more bills. I do not want this headache. I do not want to fight with my better half. I do not want to always have to prove myself at work. If you were able to create the things you do not want, does that prove you have the power to create the things you do want? And get rid of limiting beliefs once and for all? Let us look at what you have that you do not want. None of us want to be dealing with the loss of a loved one, dealing with grief, anger, unhappiness, stress, my boss, my corporate job, my coworkers. We want to know how to deal with our negative friends. Know how to handle being fired, learn how to deal with a broken relationship, how to get over a broken heart. Life throws us curves. We do not want them but that is a part of life. How you handle these issues is the springboard to getting rid of limiting beliefs because you learn you have the power to turn things around.

We start with what you do not want because it shows your current reality. It shows what is in your life now. If you are going to create your ideal life, you have got to clear up your limiting beliefs. Learn how to get rid of them. And it starts with focus.

When you focus on something, it attracts more of that. So if you are focusing on what you do not want, you continue to get more of that. What you do not want continues to show up because that is what you are attracting by what you are doing, feeling or saying.

So now you are starting to see the link between what you think about what you want and actually having what you want. There are no accidents. You attract what you think about.
Here is another example: your logical mind says you do not want more bills and you do want more money to pay those bills. But the conversations in your head come up differently. What you hear is I do not know how to get out of this debt. I'm not lucky enough to make more money or I do not know how to make more money. I am just like the failure my father was. The old data that stores your thoughts comes up with all your negative stuff. And it is those conversations and negative thoughts that are the main reason for what stops you, and, quite honestly, all of us in life.

Change your limiting beliefs, erase and transform them. Learning how to find limiting beliefs about money and clearing limiting beliefs once and for all can change your life.

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