I know it’s a bold statement, but I want you to know that you can cure cancer. The first thing you need to know is that cancer is not a death sentence – no matter what you have been told. When doctors say “there is nothing more that can be done” they would be more accurate and, in my opinion, a lot wiser, if they said “there is nothing more that WE know to do”. Time and again I have seen people recover from such death sentences.

The truth is, you can take control of your health and cure cancer or any other disease that may be afflicting you. It may sound impossible in today’s environment because we are basically told that we cannot cure disease on our own, but humans have been curing themselves of disease since the beginning of humanity.

Here is a story I often tell my patients to give them some perspective. If you are not used to using a hammer or working with hand-tools and I asked you to come over to my house to help build a barn or a garage and you’re hanging onto this hammer all day long pounding nails, what do you think would happen to your hand over time from the irritation of using that hammer? You would develop calluses - thick, dead tissue that would develop where you constantly irritate the skin of your hand. Now, what do you think would happen after you put the hammer down and you stop the irritation? What happens is that the calluses go away, naturally, as a result of the body taking care of itself.

This is exactly what happens in the body relative to cancer. If you are toxic, if you are out of balance, if you are nutritionally deficient or deficient in oxygen or hydration, your immune system is going to be compromised. Your pH is going to be on the acid side, you are going to have tissue hypoxia (not enough oxygen in the body) and what happens, as a reflection of all of that, is that you can acquire a tumor. You can acquire cancer. Actually, your body has been set up as a breeding ground for cancer!

Now, what happens if you stop the irritation? What happens if you detoxify your body and you hydrate and oxygenate it and you give yourself proper nutrition and exercise? Your immune system is no longer suppressed. It can modulate into an effective state -- the state that you were in prior to acquiring cancer -- and the body heals itself. It gets rid of the cancer.

When the irritating toxins and conditions are gone, the body’s pH is shifted to alkaline and the immune system recovers its power -- the cancer goes away. That’s how you can cure yourself of cancer.

Get to the causes of cancer and remove them -- not unlike holding a hammer, having calluses, setting down the hammer, and then having no calluses. That’s how the body works and it works that way to cure cancer, to get rid of infections, and to deal with other “diseases”.

The body knows how to heal itself, once it is given a chance. That’s where the miracle of a natural cure for cancer can be found – it is in your own very nature. As soon as you stop doing things that create illness, and start doing things that create health, your body will have an opportunity to restore your vitality and recover your health. That is how you can cure cancer naturally.

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Dr. James Chappell is known for his work with seriously-ill people. His website provides clear self-help tools to enable people to improve their health using natural means. For more information, please visit : drjims-natural-cures.com.