How often do you say something like the following to yourself?

I’ll be happy when:

• I change and become the person I want to be in my life
• I get a new home or car or boat or new toy
• I win the lottery
• My boss learns how to supervise me properly
• I can be friends with everyone I meet
• I reach my goal of becoming wealthy
• I can move out of this neighborhood
• People recognize all the great things I do for them
• You stop treating me the way you do

Every one of these things can come true but you won’t necessarily become happy. Why is that?

Things external to you do not bring you happiness. Happiness comes from within. It is a feeling you get when you experience the world in a positive, grateful, and loving way.

It is you who must change from the inside out. You must transform into a person of gratitude, positive intentions and expectations, and the possibilities of each moment. You must become aware of your untapped potential and undeveloped greatness and start the journey of developing those resources.

You will be happy when:

• You change to become the person you are capable of becoming
• You have appreciation for everything in your life
• You value, care for, and become grateful for the home, car, boat, or new toy
• You appreciate money and wealth and learn how to be a good financial steward of
• You are happy with yourself, causing others to want to become your friend
• You become a good neighbor in your own neighborhood
• When you take care of yourself and love / give to all persons
• When you see the best in others and always respond to them in a positive way

Happiness comes from within and comes to you as you change yourself to receive it. Become aware of the ways you need to change to become the person who can experience the feeling of happiness. And happiness will be yours.

Author's Bio: 

Joe Farcht is the founder and president of Leadership Advantage, Inc. He develops and coaches leaders, executives, managers, supervisors and individuals to new levels of performance, competency, and success in their work and life. Joe is the author of the book Building Personal Leadership: Inspirational Tools & Techniques for Work & Life. He is also a certified executive coach, popular speaker, and master at leadership skill building with individuals and groups. You may learn more about him and his services at Please contact Joe at or call 602 996-1802.

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