Contrary to many people's beliefs, spell casting is not strictly for witches with broomsticks and sorcerers with magical potions. Anyone who has an open mind and access to a quiet space can perform a spell, be it at home or in the great outdoors. However, to ensure an effective spell, follow the few simple steps below in order to prepare your mind and your space.

1. Choose your spell:

You will need to decide what exactly it is that you want to transpire as a result of your spell. Be clear and concise regarding your goals; do not allow yourself to be vague or equivocal about what you want.

2. Create a space:
Possibly, the most important step in casting a spell is to find a quiet space or room that will allow you roughly 30 minutes of uninterrupted time to meditate and to channel your energies into the spell you are about to create. Concentration and focus are a fundamental rule in learning how to cast a spell.

3. Gather your tools:
Foods are not a requirement for spell casting, but many people use them as they greatly aide in concentration and meditation. You can center all of your energy on any of the magical tools listed below:

  • candles
  • oils
  • incense
  • rocks/stones
  • soft music
  • symbols/relics
  • herbs
  • athames

Without tools, you have nothing to focus on but your thoughts, and let's face it, full control over our thoughts is next to impossible. Noise, stress, and worries from our everyday life often pop into our heads at any given moment. So, unless you are highly advanced in spell crafting (and even then, many of the most adept practitioners still use tools) magical tools are highly recommended.

4. Read the Directions:
After accomplishing the previous steps, read and re-read the directions to your spell. Accuracy and meticulousness are a must when learning how to cast a spell. If the spell calls for the task to be performed at night on a full moon, make sure you do it at night on a full moon as this is the specific required energy for that particular spell. And, if the spell requires that you be outside, then be outside. Some require to be cast in a wooded area at dawn or in the evening; if this is not a possibility, then your backyard is acceptable. The key is to follow the recipes as closely as you can.

After carefully following the directions, if your spell still seems unsuccessful, try again. Maybe your focus was not as in tune as you thought, or maybe there is an underlying stress that you have been trying to alleviate. If this is the case, then serious meditation prior to the spell might prove beneficial in diminishing toxic thoughts. Learning how to cast a spell is a finely-tuned art; the more you practise, the more effective you will become in fulfilling your wishes.

Author's Bio: 

Terri Lewis is a relationship advisor specializing in alternate therapy and is an authority on wicca and pagan culture and tradition. Terri provides content for the website Free Love Spells and Information.