Andrew Carnegie paid Charles Schwab a million dollars a year as president of U. S. Steel. When criticized by some of the board members for paying this salary to a man who knew nothing about the steel industry, Carnegie replied, "We have the greatest steel minds in the world, now we need a man who will help this organization to grow effectively. Life's greatest ability is the ability to influence and motivate others and Charles Schwab was one of the greatest motivators in the world."

This is the concept that made Andrew Carnegie so fantastically successful. He earned $600,000,000 in his lifetime, he gave away $365,000,000 in his benevolent interest, but the key to it was his fantastic ability to motivate people. He had in his Master Mind Organization, some 45 people; then in the smaller groups, some 15 people. The requirement was total unity, no hostility, individual initiative and compensation, and dedication to the common purpose. On one occasion Carnegie said "take from me my millions and my buildings and leave me my people and I'll soon build it back again."

Let me give you some suggestions today, to improve your personality:

1. Find out these things about every person you meet: His name and how he spells it, his family, his business, and his home. He will be happy to tell you about these things, they involve himself; and a man would rather talk about himself than any other subject in the world. You honor him when you urge him to talk about himself. In addition, you're finding out those things about him that you need to know to cement your fellowship with him.

2. Look for, pick out, and compliment, some good in every person you meet. You may have to look for it in some people, but you always find something good you can comment on. Be sincere and specific about your compliments.

3. Never use sarcasm. It comes from the root word which means "to bite human flesh like a wild dog cuts flesh." Sarcasm tears the very heart and joy and peace and happiness out of an individual. Never use it.

4. Direct questions to the individuals: Learn all you can about each person you meet, keep asking them questions; they will delight in telling you about themselves.

5. Believe and urge other people to achieve their very best in life. Challenge them to achievement, give them something worthy to look up to. Especially this should be practiced by children and youth. They feel so inadequate, they feel so inferior, they haven't had life's achieving ex¬periences yet. So throw down a challenge, give them something high and noble to attempt.

6. Seek and excite the spark of enthusiasm in every person you meet. Enthusiasm is not a loud noise, it is spirit, excitement, conviction, encouragement, belief. Bruce Barton has said, "if you can leave your child but one thing, leave your child enthusiasm."

7. Leave a little hope and happiness in every life you touch. Some¬one has said "when I met him I was looking down, when I left him I was looking up." There is nothing finer to be said about a person than that kind of influence.

8. Repeat only those things that will honor, bless, and enrich every person you've talked with and about. Gossip always is exaggerated. It always gets worse, and the more people it goes through, the worse it becomes. Repeat only that which will bless other lives.

Let me assure you that the practice of these rules will make your life a more wonderful, radiant experience, and everyone you contact will be blessed. Why not take one of these rules for a week. Practice it, master it, make it become yours. Then, take another one the next week. You'll find your life will take on deeper meaning as you become a master in motivating people.

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