Do you want to change something in your life that you're having trouble changing? The thing you want to change is something that's not so easy. It can be anything, but for whatever reason, you can't seem to make progress.
It could be:
- Get a new relationship,
- Loose some weight,
- Gain some weight (muscle),
- Start your own business and quit your job,
- Get your web site or blog having tons of traffic,
- Earn a million dollars,
- Learn a new sport,
- Get out of debt,
- These are only a few examples.

So, how do you make it happen? What do you do to get from where you are to where you want to be? You can always find and read a lot of advice about setting and achieving goals.
You can learn about things like the Law of Attraction on my blog as well as many others. But what works? Why is it that some people seem destined to succeed at anything they try and others seem to always fail? What's more, no matter how hard the failing appear to work at NOT failing, they just never seem to get anywhere.

There's not an eBook or course that I can hand you that gives you the answers to these questions in a step-by-step guide. Everyone is different. Everyone has a different situation. However, there are some things that work pretty much across the board, and these are also things that are commonly found among successful people.

1. Never Give Up. I know, you hear that all the time, but it's true. Successful people try and try and try until they found success.
2. Learn from successful people. Read anything they've written. Listen to what they have to say. If possible, spend some time in person with them. Getting a mentor or coach to help you find success is a great idea.
3. Identify behaviors, traits, attributes, etc. that a person who is successful has, and take on some of those behaviors yourself.
4. Identify your own behaviors, traits, attributes, etc.
that a person who is successful would NOT do, and eliminate those behaviors.

The last two items (3 and 4) are very important and also very easy to NEVER GET. For example,if your goal is to be a
millionaire: this does not mean that you should go out and buy a big, expensive house and a new luxury car on credit and go deep into debt. In no way is that what a millionaire would do. Yes, they probably have those things, but that's not how they obtained them. It is easier to understand Number 3 as "Do what a successful person would do if they suddenly found themselves in your shoes, or suddenly found themselves stripped of their success and resources". Take a millionaire and put them in that position and they would not take on a huge debt load; instead, they would save money while building income streams. They would not buy any lottery tickets! The house with the huge mortgage would be sold and replaced with a tiny house and a small mortgage.
Cars, boats, etc. that are not paid off would be sold (some that are paid off may be sold too). They would focus on each success, no matter how small, because they know that a small success is a movement in the right direction. Imagine each small success is a little push on a big flywheel: it moves slowly at first, but it speeds up with each success.

I personally know someone who sold their large house (with a huge mortgage) and moved her family into a very small house to help work her way of a bad finincial situation.
Sure it was painful and not much fun. She focused on her business and after only two or three years, they now own a new home (not quite as big as the one they sold, but still very nice) and also a beach house, both paid off. She's in demand as a motivational speaker. Once you remove the weights from around your neck, it's easier to make progress. Many of us are brainwashed into putting the cart before the horse, i.e. getting into debt and spending the rest of our lives paying it off.

Number 3 and 4 also refer to much smaller things. For example, let's say you're trying to become a successful musician. You should find some things that a successful musician would do that you're not doing. You should also identify some things that you may be doing that a successful musician would NOT do? Here are a few examples:
successful musicians practice play with other musicians, and perform as often as possible. A successful musician would NOT say: "I'm not good enough, I can't perform until I reach a certain level". Don't make a fool out of yourself, match up the venue to your skill level. For example, play somewhere like a coffee house with a friend, or at a jam session at a music festival if you're just starting out. A successful musician, stripped of their success, would practice and perform as much as they could.
Each successful performance reinforces your intention of success and gets that flywheel turning faster and faster.

Look for the smaller things that you can start doing right now (or stop doing for negative things) and you will move closer to your goals. Turn off the TV too!

Author's Bio: 

Fred Black is an experienced programmer, web site developer, Internet business operator, systems integrator, father, husband, musician, and songwriter. Visit his Internet Business web site, for Information and Tools to help build a successful Internet Business.