When it comes to advertising a website in hopes of gaining extra traffic, there are plenty of different ways to utilize the media and varying levels of publicity to gain interest and attention. A wide range of alternatives outside of the online mode of marketing works to move away from banner advertising, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click strategies. Below you will find some of the innovative ways that individuals, small businesses, and large companies pursue when they wish to make an impact on their number of website visitors:

1) The local news is a popular resource for marketing, which can also boost website traffic by increasing the exposure of your site. There are many clever ways to get your website posted or mentioned through news outlets, including sponsoring a fundraiser or holding a major event that appeals to the majority of your region. Writing a press release gets news media outlets interested in what your business is doing, giving you the chance to have your website and other company details presented to the public.

2) Holding a contest on your website that is advertised on local television stations and the newspaper will gain the interest of those who wish to learn more details, which ultimately translates into a rise in website traffic. Some of the most successful contest attempts to gain website traffic are those that are held on a regular basis or monthly. A few ideas include holding trivia contests, solving mind puzzles, or the simple filling out of questionnaires that become part of a drawing.

3) Business cards are quite helpful when you bump into potential customers and want to make sure they remember your website address. There are many different people that may help spread the word regarding your website, including grocery store clerks, friends, and family members. Business cards also make handy alerts when tacked onto local bulletin boards at the library, grocery store, and other popular gathering spots.

4) National radio stations sometimes have a little bit of room to squeeze business owners and company representatives as guest speakers, which gives time for individuals to reach the public with a brief mentioning of their products or services. This also creates the perfect opportunity to advertise a website. When there is no room to have you on as a guest, you may succeed in persuading a radio announcer to read off a few words regarding your website.

5) Target local and national magazines that share the same kind of subject matter as your website where you may purchase advertising space. An example of this is seen in the website focusing on recipes that gains attention in the magazine that centers on selling cooking equipment.

6) On a yearly basis, billboards receive millions of drivers passing by their advertising efforts. A website that is able to utilize this form of marketing may increase the number of people who visit. Even if a car passes by too fast to catch the entire website address, the name of the website will help them easily track down the site when they attempt to locate the source of the attractive billboard they saw on the side of the road.

7) Some businesses have used their cars as a way to spread the word on their company, but it can also serve as a great method of increasing website traffic when the site address is plastered on the side of a vehicle. Whether in motion or sitting in a parking lot, you are bound to entice curious individuals to take down the website address for later use.

8) When budget is of no consequence, a clever way to market a website is to create and pass out customized items, which feature the web address. A couple of options to consider include key chains, pens, air fresheners, bumper stickers, playing cards, and for the more zealous marketers – a small stuffed bear wearing a T-shirt displaying the website address.

9) During the holidays, sending out greeting cards promoting the website may spark interest. If you make it a habit to distribute quirky, clever cards – you may establish a cult following – which easily translates into an increase in overall website interest.

10) When looking for something truly eye-catching to spread the word regarding your website – those who can afford the luxury – may hire a blimp to hold a banner that displays the website address. An increase in traffic will occur when people satisfy their curiosity regarding the spectacle that brought them to the site in the first place. The more colorful and bold the blimp – the larger the response.

11) DVDs are popular forms of entertainment. When you are able to create or pair up with another to produce a suitable DVD pertaining to the services or products associated with your website, you may include your website address for interested parties to explore.

An example of this marketing approach may involve a dog grooming website that promotes their site by pairing with a dog trainer who needs backing to distribute his or her dog-training DVD. While the website provides funds for the production of the DVD – they receive advertising credits on the outside of the DVD case with their web address additionally displayed throughout the DVD footage.

12) Music captures the attention of a wide range of audience members. Hiring a local band and holding a community get-together, such as a BBQ, is a great way to connect with potential consumers. This is also the perfect opportunity to pass out flyers advertising your product or services (displaying the website address, of course).

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