So you’ve realized you want to become an entrepreneur.

You take the steps to put yourself out there, talk to other entrepreneurs about what opportunities are available, you do your due diligence and you end up finding the opportunity that you believe can take you where you want to be in life – whatever that may look like for you. You find out what it takes to get started including costs, what your next steps are, and have everything laid out in front of you and are ready to take the leap.

Then something happens. Your mind wanders and gets cluttered in endless chatter, and you get a severe case of the”what ifs”. You freeze, and end up going back to your safe life.

Crisis averted. What were you thinking anyway?

I’ll tell you what you were thinking – “There is no way that I have the time or resources to do this.”

It is that type of thinking that keeps many people stuck in their lives.

Successful entrepreneurs, regardless of the nature of their business, what their startup costs are or any other circumstance, employ an entirely different type of thinking – instead of thinking why they can’t do it, successful entrepreneurs think about how they can do it.

I hope you get that, because it is absolutely the biggest difference I see in those who make it and those who don’t.

The people who stay stuck can only see the obstacles in their way. They focus on anything and everything that could or might go wrong and they succumb to their fears. And they go back to what is comfortable for them.

Successful entrepreneurs know that being successful is all about being uncomfortable. They see obstacles as challenges. They are busy figuring what stone they can turn and how they can move heaven and earth to get to where they want to go. They know there will be challenges. However, successful entrepreneurs also know that their grit, determination, and desire to succeed can push them to overcome anything that comes in their path.
The key here is that you shouldn’t feel comfortable unless you are feeling uncomfortable. How can you grow if you keep doing the same thing, the “safe” thing?

You can’t.

Successful entrepreneurs do things that make them uncomfortable, and that make their palms sweat, because they know that the reward is absolutely worth whatever risk they are taking.

So the next time opportunity knocks at your door, open it wide. Welcome it. Treat it as your best friend.

Know that there will be challenges, as there are with anything worth having. But instead of being backed into a corner with your hands over your face, come out swinging.

Believe in yourself and your ability to overcome anything that presents itself as an obstacle. Figure out how you are going to make yourself into the next success story instead of why you won’t become the next success story.

That, is how successful entrepreneurs think.

Author's Bio: 

Paul McDonald is a former IT professional who successfully transitioned from employee to home business entrepreneur in less than 6 months. He now assists countless others in gaining their financial freedom by teaching them the exact business model he utilizes as well as the proven success principles he has applied personally to achieve his results. For more information, visit