The South Beach plan is one of the most popular methods of losing weight today. It is based around diet and exercise changes that help you steadily lose weight. By cutting out "bad" fats and carbohydrates and eating plenty of "good" ones, dieters can lose weight without sacrificing their health or feeling deprived.

There are three steps in the South Beach program. During the first phase, dieters don't eat any carbohydrates except for vegetables. Although several foods are banned, dieters still have a wide range of foods they can consume. Stage one is the most challenging phase, but also the shortest since it only goes on for two weeks. Dieters can expect to lose between 8-12 pounds during this time.

In phase two, dieters begin adding the previously restricted carbohydrate-rich foods into their diet. Dieters are expected to lose a few pounds each week while steadily increasing the amount of carbohydrates in their diet. The second phase lasts until dieters attain their desired weight.

The third phase is the lifetime maintenance phase. Dieters take the strategies from phase two to maintain their goal weight throughout the rest of their lives. If dieters start to gain weight again, they may revert back to the first phase of the diet.

You have likely seen pre-prepared South Beach meals and snacks sold in stores. These foods are very convenient, but you don't need to spend money on them in order to be on the diet. You only need to follow the different general rules for each phase of the plan.

During phase one of the diet, you are permitted to have lean cuts of meat, such as chicken, fish, and turkey, eggs, most vegetables, nuts, and a small quantity of dairy. Fruits and their juices are not consumed during this phase because they are high in sugar. Also not allowed are all carbohydrates, fatty cuts of meat, alcoholic beverages, and some vegetables that may have high sugar or carbohydrate content, such as beets. The objective of this phase is to cut "bad" carbohydrates from your diet and begin the weight loss process.

During phase two, dieters gradually reintroduce fruit, whole grains, and other formerly prohibited foods into their diet. In the process, dieters learn how to balance their diet to maintain a desirable weight. Once this is successfully completed, the diet switches into the life maintenance phase, in which dieters attempt to maintain the healthy habits that helped them reach their goal weight.

The key to success with the South Beach diet plan is dedication to eating healthy. Although that seems easy, this diet program and other diet programs fail because dieters give up before the program can achieve results. The struggles that most dieters have with weight loss often stem from deeper problems such as a lack of motivation, a habit of binge eating, or an inability to control the appetite. The good thing is that all of these problems are treatable with techniques that anyone can learn from a high quality hypnosis weight loss CD program.

To reverse a lack of motivation, a technique from a tool called Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) will induce a strong urge to stick to your dieting program.

To begin with, dieters pinpoint exactly what it is that is most important to them, as an individual. This is known as their "highly valued criteria." Then, NLP techniques are applied to make the dieters believe that by losing weight, their highly valued criteria will become enhanced. Another option is to make the dieter believe that if they don't lose weight, their highly valued criteria will be in jeopardy.

Motivation is produced by what we believe, not by logic! So in the previous case, let us say that the dieter's most highly valued wish is that the dieter's kids are happy and safe. Using an NLP technique known as Submodalities, we can lead the dieter into feeling that if she/he is unable to lose weight, the kids will be fated to emulating their parent and they will also be fat and dissatisfied. This idea will give a powerful desire and feeling to stick to a diet and get the weight off.

Many NLP techniques can help to lessen or even completely remove the impulses and cravings that prompt one to overeat. This works very well to help dieters stay on the initial and most difficult weeks of the South Beach diet. Additionally, it helps dieters commit to a physical activity program, which will increase the usefulness of any diet.

Stress is a factor that frequently drives people to eat too much or neglect their well-being, but relaxation is offered by both hypnosis and NLP techniques. One such technique is known as the NLP Flash. With this technique, having the unconscious use negative thoughts as triggers for positive thoughts eliminates the stress that triggers the urge to overeat.

Uncontrollable eating habits can also cause men and women to put on weight. A great number of people have apparently uncontrollable eating habits because over the years, they have developed a "conditioned response" to eat under certain circumstances. For example, many of us gorge on junk food in front of the television even though we are not truly even hungry. The good thing is, NLP and hypnosis both have techniques that can quickly eliminate these conditioned behaviors. These techniques eliminate the appetite without the use of pills or drugs.

By treating the main issues that keep people from shedding pounds, hypnosis and NLP has helped many dieters finally get fit and slim for life. Combined with the South Beach program, dieters may enjoy natural weight loss and success at achieving their fitness goals.

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