Theft of products from your download (or thank you) page is becoming a big problem, but there is something that you can do about it. Some search engines are not abiding by the “no index, no follow” tags. They index every page they come across. And unfortunately, that includes your download page.

This makes it extremely easy for software thieves to find and steal your products without paying for them. They merely do a search! I have notified these search engines and asked them to remove my site from their records but I never received a reply. It seems that they don’t care. But I’ll bet that they would take quick action if someone was stealing THEIR profits!

I tried a number of measures to stop the theft. I worked on a nice CGI script for 4 hours that looked like it would do the job, but my host does not support it. So I wasted all that time for nothing.

Finally, I found a great software solution. I found it extremely easy to install and set up. It was point and click easy. I just clicked on a few buttons and the software did the rest. All I had to do after that was notify my payment processor of the changes and I was protected.

Before I installed the software, I had as many as 6 or 7 thefts per day. On some days, I had more products stolen than I sold. It was very frustrating. Since installing this solution, I have had no Thefts at all. It is a very comforting feeling knowing that my products are once again safe and available only for paying customers.

If you are experiencing the theft of your products, use the link below to get additional information. It is an easy solution that works great!

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