America is in the middle of a loneliness crisis and it is ruining our health. Because our culture promotes self reliance and rejects dependency, we are too proud to reach out for help and admit we are lonely. If you admit you are lonely, it is suggesting that you are unable to attract friends.

Many people don't even realize they are lonely. The problem is often called low self esteem. There has been a serious decline in people that are involved in church groups, political groups and similar community organizations. Most people don't even socialize with their neighbors anymore.

It has been proven that loneliness has many serious health consequences. People are much more healthy and recover from sickness faster when they have a close circle of friends and family.

No matter how busy our lives are, we need to make room for others. Even if you are married, you still need other friends. You can't expect one relationship to meet all of your emotional requirements. The most compatible friends you will find will be ones that share your same interests. So joining clubs or special interest groups is a great way to easily make friends. Strengthening your relations with your family is also very important. The more people you have in your life the better it is for your health and well being.

It's not always easy to get out and meet new people. We are all set in our ways and don't like to get out of our comfort zone. Sometimes it comes down to building our self confidence up so we do have the courage to get out and do something different.

Start thinking about it today. Think about the different groups you could join. Maybe you could volunteer somewhere. How about a gym, or an exercise class? Are there any community groups? How about a favorite hobby - are there classes available? Pick just one and go for it. The fear most people have is of being rejected. I think you will be surprised how accepting people are of someone new. It is helpful if you can visualize how it will go. Close your eyes and picture what will happen. Visualize yourself talking to different people, image yourself laughing and having a good time. Picture positive results. This exercise makes you feel more comfortable when you do go.

Please stop being lonely today. You can do it. Just walk out that door and make some friends. You'll be healthier and happier. I'm cheering you on!

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Pat Evans is an internet entrepreneur with several businesses. Researching and studying all aspects of self
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