Lets just get down to the nuts and bolts of how to rid yourself of unwanted weight, which for many of you is quite easy. The phantom puzzle piece that keeps eluding you is the piece on maintaining the results.

Maintaining the results is not so easy if you don’t know what to do. You may fall prey to the crazy ads and claims that feed off your emotions and not upon your ability to rationalize and determine for yourself what makes sense and what doesn’t.

What saddens me is not the tons of money being lost but the loss of self respect, confidence, and ability to know what is best for yourself in the perpetual effort to “lose weight now.”

As a lifestyle fitness coach, I know how important it is for you to maintain a healthy weight. And as a woman, I know how important it is to feel confident and sexy within yourself, how your appearance reflects who you really are. To stop hiding and bodaciously express yourself as if you were you nail color. (I love that quote by Mary Foley)

So how are you going to find that phantom puzzle piece and finally place it in your weight loss/fitness puzzle to achieve your bodacious figure?

I have the solution!

First, it is important that you realize that doing just one thing rarely works for achieving lasting weight loss results. It usually takes a combined effort of putting just the right puzzle pieces in place to get rid of unwanted weight and live a healthy, joyful lifestyle. This isn’t rocket science, you probably familiar with a few of these but all you need is some tweaking.

A weight loss program needs to combine supportive mindful nutrition, focused daily exercise, a strong mental foundation, and an inner sparkle that ignites your motivation.

Second, is something that most women rarely do. Believe it will happen! When I interview women who have lost 50, 60, 80 pounds there is one common factor I see. They started believing in themselves, and visualizing themselves as a fitter, healthier, and happier woman. Taking one pound at a time and celebrating their successes.

Visualize yourself doing the things you love as the new you. Start taking positive action that reflects who you really are. Prevent yourself getting caught up in guilt, discouragement, worry, and frustration. This always sabotages your efforts.

Third, watch your language! “We are of what we speak” If you keeping speaking about how fat you are, you subconsciously sabotage your efforts and keep yourself fat. I know…doesn’t that sound absolutely ridiculous! But never under estimate the power of your thoughts, language and subconscious mind. If you keep telling yourself how much you hate your fat thighs you must change your language. Start expressing gratitude for all your thighs have done for you. “My thighs are getting stronger and toner through my exercise efforts. They allow me to glide effortlessly through the shopping mall or while I cross country ski and they help me lift my groceries out of the mini van.”

Switch your thinking so that the language comes through in a more positive, uplifting compassionate way. Do this every day in conversation and inner self talk.

Fourth, look at your past diets and how they effected you not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually. Most diets cause a backlash of intense emotions that drive women to binge after depriving themselves of what society calls “bad food.” Diets cause a complete disconnection to the body and mind. A person learns a mindless form of eating through exposure to one diet after another. Diets alone have taught us not to live in the now but always look into the future. As you diet, you look forward to the time when you can eat normally again. Diets become an outside source of what to eat, when to eat, and how much. Mindful eating on the other hand has been proven to have an 85% success rate because you learn to honor your hunger and reconnect body and mind to eat when hungry until satisfied. This is normal eating, watch any two year old eat. They will leave a half of an Oreo cookie on the counter and be totally content with one bite. How about you?

Reconnect your body and mind with food and listen to your inner biological cues for hunger and satisfaction. Enjoy the chocolate chip cookie, taste it, smell it, swish it around in your mouth and enjoy the pleasure and feeling of it go down your throat. You just may notice that a couple bites are all you need.

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Amy Lundberg owner of Aim For It – Fitness Coaching LLC helps women build an inner foundation to find balance and to bring about a healthier fit body and lifestyle. She has developed Self Care Before Sit-ups E-book and 10-week course. Amy is a certified Intuitive Eating Coach, Personal Fitness Trainer and Lifestyle Fitness Coach. Go to www.aimforfitness.com for more information and receive a free 45-minute consult to gain clarity on what is best for you in reaching and maintaining your goals.

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