An author signs a copy of his book as a part of the book promotion termed as 'book signing'. Book signing has become a major event as it gives the buyer an opportunity to meet the author. All the best selling authors understand the importance of this event and make the best of book signing.

If the book signing is such an important event in book promotion, it definitely pays to attach more creativity, thought and planning to make it a more impressive, innovative, and effective presentation. Let us see how this can be achieved.

The Perfect Setting

Typically, book signing sessions are held at bookstores. However, think about the venue that will be most suitable for the subject of the book. The very atmosphere and venue could make the audience more appreciative, and receptive to the book, making them more inclined to buy the book. The book signing of a book on nature, or gardening, if organized in an open air garden setting, is likely to receive a more fruitful response than in a formal hall or store setting.

Think about a book that is an autobiography or biography of an author or poet. How about planning the book signing session in a bookstore itself, with posters and banners of the book displayed in an attractive manner? It will definitely create more interest in the illustration of the subject itself, thus resulting in a great response in the form of more copies sold at book signing. You can think of such innovative ideas to plan the book signing session in a more appropriate setting.

The right focus

Remember, the author is the star of a book signing session. It will be the author, who will be in the public eye, who will persuade them into buying the book. Make the right impression; engage the audience in the theme with interaction and exchanges on the subject of the book, convincing them to buy a copy of the book. The author's performance should be effective enough to generate an interest, prompting the customer to buy a copy of the book immediately, to grab the opportunity of the brief encounter with the author that a book signing event provides.

Remember, it is a part of the book promotion process

Book signing is a part of the long process of book promotion. It provides the author an opportunity to interact with potential buyers. An author must realize the importance of promoting the services of a bookstore, in order to create an affinity between the buyers and the bookstore. Like the book, if the bookstore is highlighted, more people will visit it and the bookstore staff will ensure the best service to sell the book.

The bookstore sales people interact with the customer on a daily basis, thus creating a kind of bond, and acting as a guide while selecting a book. Therefore, using a book signing session to make a bond with the bookstore people helps ensure still greater residual sales over a period of time. All these things need to be considered while participating in a book signing session.

Book signing is an event that brings together the author and the book loving and buying public. It is important, therefore, to make the most of it by taking care of all the different factors involved for the effective marketing of the book.

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