You may have used affirmations before, writing positive statements on cards and repeating them every day. Hopefully you stuck it out and got the results that you wanted. More often, we find it hard to take the time to read them every day, and without that constant repetition, we don't get the effect intended. That is why affirmation CDs and audios have become so popular.

The idea makes sense to anyone who has noted how depressed they get when they repeat certain thoughts or say certain things over and over. If repeating negative thoughts and beliefs "works" to produce a negative state, why wouldn't positive affirmations work as well? And with a CD, it doesn't even take time as with written affirmations. Just push that play button and go about your business while constant repetitions reprogram your mind for success.

But what if you don't like the affirmations that you hear on the popular CDs? What if you don't want to spend the money to buy eight different ones for eight issues you are working on? Why not make your own? Use a tape player, or get a microphone for your computer and make a CD. Then follow the guideline below.

Rules For Making Affirmations

There are a couple "rules" for making good affirmations that are likely to affect your mind. The first is to keep statements in the positive form. Say, "I don't bite my nails," and your unconscious mind - which has a hard time with negatively stated instructions - may take it as "bite my nails." Instead you would say something like, "I take care of my nails with a nail clipper and nail file."

The second rule for making affirmations that work is to use repetition. This means not only listening to your CD as often as you can (and at least once per day for three weeks), but also repeating the statements several times each on the recording. A little trick to make them even more powerful, is to use inflection with each repetition to create a slightly different meaning. For example:

I create my future with the actions I take now.
(The basic belief you want to program in your mind.)

I CREATE my future with the actions I take now.
(Emphasizing that your future is created, and doesn't just happen.)

I create MY future with the actions I take now.
(Emphasizing that it is your future.)

I create my future with the ACTIONS I take now.
(Emphasizing that your actions are what matter in creating your future.)

A final "rule:" Stick to one area at a time. Don't try to work on losing weight, motivation, quitting smoking and making money all at once. Start with a clear goal, such as "Improving my relationships," and make a CD for that purpose. Listen to that for several weeks before starting the second one.

Make positive statements. Repeat them several times. Use inflection to "squeeze" the most meaning out of each statement. Finally, listen to them often and consistently. That is how to make and use your own affirmations.

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