Corporate parties are the most preferred way businesses are competing for attention and publicity--they increase the company’s image and sales potential. Event Planners find themselves heavily in demand but have strong competition within their area of expertise. Events are indispensable tools companies use to accomplish various goals; from launching marketing campaigns, to motivating employees, to impressing potential clients or to thank current ones. Corporate parties need to display power, prestige, and style. An experienced Event Planner understands the importance of creating the perfect atmosphere for the right occasion.

An Event Planner must be able to work with an assortment of clients and meet their various needs. A good Event Planner develops an extensive network of quality vendors and professionals to ensure the success of each event. Caterers, Sound Technicians, Audio Visual Technicians, Florists, Lighting Designers, Music Coordinators, etc., are all required to set the stage of the elaborate soirées Corporations expect for their money.

Hiring a person who is experienced with setting the staging area is one to alleviate the pressure of managing the entire operation single-handed. Priscilla Cornell, owner of Priscilla Cornell Flowers LLC, has over 15 years experience as an Event Planner. Currently, she owns one of the most respected floral design companies in Manhattan and Greenwich, Connecticut.
As Ms. Cornell explains in an interview for this article, her company does not just create custom floral designs for an Event Planner but rather provides an eye-catching element that elevates the event to an impressive show for their client. She works in conjunction with Planners, creating a theatrical stage, orchestrating the layout and design of the table settings, lighting, sounds and environment’s exterior.

Ms. Cornell’s company arranged an event for the Greenwich Audubon on (FIND OUT DATE). It was a snowy evening and the guests arrived chilled to the bone. It was a nice surprise for guests to find themselves immersed in a tropical themed wonderland that Priscilla Cornell Flowers LLC and the Planner she was coordinating with, (PLUGG PLANNER’S NAME HERE), had innovated. The society’s budget was limited and expenditures were considered carefully. Elegance was never compromised for price, which proves that any business can afford to entertain an important client with exquisite style.

For each client, Ms. Cornell takes several simple steps to create a stylish ambiance and memorable event, as she did with the Audubon dinner.

She chooses a theme with the planner and the client. This creates a cohesive look and feel. Ms. Cornell used blues and greens as her background colors and accented the room with bright flowers and ornaments to create a tropical theme for the Audubon dinner.
She works her way from the inside out. Ms. Cornell stages her surroundings based on her table settings. She begins fist with her centerpieces and then decorates the rest of the room. For the Audubon dinner she used inexpensive materials, such as river rocks, palm furans shaped to look like grasshoppers, orchids and ornamental birds to create a elaborate arrangements.

She keeps it simple. Rather than packing space with decorations, she instead picks a few key focal points to catch the guest’s eyes and keep their attention. Ms. Cornell used a clean classic pallet of green and blue for the Audubon Dinner. Per her instructions, the lighting designer lit the centerpieces and then feathered out onto the dance floors. For a final, subtle touch at the Audubon Society Dinner Ms. Cornell added chirping sounds in the background.

If you need help planning your event this fall, Priscilla Cornell can be contacted at 203 862 9665 or email her at It is also possible to create a reciprocal link to your corporate website page.

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