Writing ebooks has become an extremely popular and profitable way to make money online. Many people who made little on no money selling affiliate products are now making money online with ebooks. When selling affiliate products, you are at the mercy of the merchant. You have no control of the price, sales page, or bonus program. With your own ebook, you control every aspect of the process. If you think that it would sell better at a lower price, you can change it. If you believe that a fabulous bonus program would increase sales, go ahead and add it. You are in complete control when you write your own ebook.

Following are a few techniques to make money online with ebooks:

You have to write your ebook on a compelling topic. This is all-important. Some experts will tell you to write about what you are interested in. This is a recipe for disaster. Do keyword research and determine what sort of information people are looking for. Then, craft your ebook to provide that information. Ebooks that solve problems sell particularly well.

Create a memorable title. In order to generate sales, you need to get people’s attention. If your ebook has a boring title, no one will be interested enough to buy it. Create a title that is descriptive. Try to describe the problem you are solving. Use the main keywords that people are searching for in your title. That way, more people are likely to find it in their searches.

Do you need to be an accomplished writer to complete your own ebook? Not at all. Write it down as you would say it. Imagine what you would say if you were giving someone this information verbally, then write it down. Ebooks with an easy-going informal tone will usually out-sell those with a clinical ‘do this’, ‘do that’ style.

Make it an easy read. Break it up into many small mini-paragraphs. Use a larger font. It is difficult enough reading information from a computer screen. The use of frequent spaces, along with bold chapter headings, links, and graphics make it easier on the eyes.

Use the techniques described above and you too can make money online with ebooks. And again, you don’t need to be an accomplished writer to complete an ebook. I actually show you three techniques to create an ebook without writing a single word in the information below.

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