It is a little known fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That being said, a surprising number of people choose to skip this vital meal.

The word breakfast literally means to break the fast that your body has been subjected to during your night's rest. The benefits of eating breakfast are two-fold. First, you jump start your metabolism and second, you fuel your body with the energy it needs to start your day! If weight-loss is what you're striving for I've got news for you. Eating a healthy breakfast is key to your success!

I consult many women and I hear over and over again anything from they aren't hungry in the morning to they don't like breakfast foods, and my all time favorite - they have no time to eat breakfast! While I can appreciate all of these excuses, (I mean reasons), where there is a will there is a way.

Here are three tips to make breakfast work for you!

Tip #1: Keep It Simple: If you're not used to eating breakfast, keep it simple. Try micro waving some plain oatmeal flavored with a splenda packet or toasting two pieces of whole-wheat toast and top them with sugar-free jelly. A ready-to-drink protein shake goes great with either selection!

Tip #2: Plan Ahead: If you're one of those, "I don't have enough time in the morning" kind of gals, it would serve you well to decide the night before what will be on the menu for the following day's breakfast. You can even set up the toaster, leave the bread bag out on the counter, and have a knife, plate, and straw ready to go. Setting the alarm ten minutes earlier wouldn't hurt either!

Tip #3: Stick With It: If you're not used to eating breakfast in the morning, it may be the case that you feel as though you have to force the food down. Not to worry! If you stick with it, the tide will turn and you will actually begin to feel hungry for your breakfast and look forward to it!

Bon Appetite!

Health & Success,


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