“How To Make A Fortune” is the challenge. Here’s your answer, courtesy of the brilliant Jim Rohn:

Formal education will make you a living;
Self-education will make you a fortune.

Self - Education! How’s that for immediate gratification?

Lesson’s over. Have a nice day!

Just kidding. There’s more. Much more.

I’m a huge fan of the great Jim Rohn. Many acknowledge him as “America’s Foremost Business Philosopher.” His words, teachings and philosophies have been the key that has unlocked the door for millions of people, helping them discover their true human potential.

The same is true for me. Jim Rohn has had a profound impact on my career and my life. I had the honor of being invited to speak on the same stage with him in Atlanta, Georgia, July 29th 2006. It was the realization of a dream and a goal I had set when I first started speaking professionally.

And as much as I like getting up in front of an audience and sharing what I’ve learned over the years, let me be straightforward about how my goals converge, because that’s what’s at the heart of this FYI message.

Look at the Jim Rohn quote again.

Formal education will make you a living;
Self-education will make you a fortune.

Since making a fortune is one of my goals, I take this quote very literally and seriously.

So my first question to you is:

Are you a student of success?

Of course you are. That’s probably why we know you and why you’re reading these messages. So here are five additional questions you should ponder -

  1. Do you study and model other successful people?
  2. How many books do you read or listen to each year?
  3. Are subscribed to the latest journals, articles and ezines about your business?
  4. Are you considered “the expert” in your industry?
  5. Do you regularly attend educational seminars for personal and professional development?

FYI IDEA IN ACTION: I’m asking you to ponder these questions because I want you to think about how you can improve the quality of your life immediately. It’s this simple:

  • What you read, see and hear affects the way you think.
  • What you think affects what you attract.
  • What you attract determines your destiny!

In my seminars, I always ask the audience to share with me what business or personal development books they are reading or what audio programs they are listening to in their car or on their iPod.

Very few hands go up. It amazes me how few folks have something to share. Most kind of avoid eye contact and mutter about how they mean to but don’t seem to find the time.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t understand how someone can say they are serious about personal transformation and creating an amazing life for their family, yet they are unwilling to modify their behaviors and immerse themselves in the success tools to create a different outcome.

Self-education will make you a fortune. All of the information needed to become wildly successful is available. Most of the information, if not all of it is instantly accessible. Got Google?

But wait…there’s still more!

Here’s another quote and clue from Jim Rohn:

Success is something you attract by the person you become.

WOW! Those words are amazingly powerful to me. The reason I’m such an ambassador and advocate of life-long learning and self-education is because all of the mentors I’ve surrounded myself with have created a life of massive abundance through the process of immersion.

Yes, I believe a formal education is important. Yes, many of my mentors have advanced degrees. Yet many of them do not have advanced degrees and are equally, if not more, successful.

For me, that’s a clue. I know and understand that if I learn and become more, I’ll have more to offer; I’ll be more attractive to the marketplace, hence attracting more opportunities. And building a fortune.

How about you? I’m passionate about self-growth and life-long learning because I know it is the key to making a fortune and developing my full human potential.

So, my last question for you is NOT: “What’s in your wallet?” like the commercial asks.

My question is: “What’s in your library?”

P.S. Did you ever notice the bigger the house, the bigger the personal library?

The smaller the house, the bigger the HD TV screen?

That’s a clue!

Knowledge is an antidote to fear.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson -

Go Out and Make This Your Best Year Ever!

Author's Bio: 

Eric Taylor is the Chief Inspiration Officer of SelfGrowth.com and founder of New Jersey based Empowerment Group International. He delivers more than 100 energized and interactive keynotes, workshops and seminars each year to corporations, associations and tradeshows. He is the author of the Energy Passport, Co-creator of the Best Year Ever! Success System and Co-author of The Complete Sales Training Encyclopedia. To get complete details about Eric’s background, his products and services, visit Eric Taylor’s Blog and review Eric Taylor’s Profile.