There are a number of ways by which to improve your reading speed One of the simplest method is knowing how to skim the content before you actually read it. It is always a good idea for you to speed read for the main themes in any text or work of non-fiction. You can achieve this simply by going over the table of contents , the first and the last sentence of each paragraph before reading the main text.

Contrasting Priorities

Differentiating your material according to priority consisting of most important, slightly important and very unimportant is another way in which you can improve your reading speed. Also try reading one category at a time according to its priority. In addition, it also pays to do your reading in an harmonious environment and it is never a good idea to read important subjects or anything that is hard to comprehend while lying in bed, it is far better to use a desk.

Another way in which you can improve reading speed is to read in the early hours of the day because that is when your mind will be clearest and it is also a very good reason why many people choose to read during the early hours of the day rather than in the evenings.

You can also improve reading speed by treating the headings as questions, especially when reading reference books or textbooks and then you can scan the rest of the text and look for answers to these questions this way you will be able to remain more focused as well as improve your reading speed.

Highlighting text is not a good idea this will not allow improvement in reading speed and although many people tend to highlight certain parts of a text; the end result are lower comprehension and reading speed, in fact, it can even cause you to have to read the text twice. However, it is not a bad idea to preview the material before actually reading it. You should spend a short period of time previewing a chapter before actually reading it so that you get a sense of significant as well as relevant text .This will then help to improve your reading speed.

In fact, nearly everyone that does a fair amount of reading will wonder just how to speed read and for them a simple answer is that you can achieve your goals by simply enrolling in a speed reading course. There, you will learn the best method to increase your reading speed and learn flexibility when it comes to reading speed and learning to pace your speed according to the kind of material that you are reading.

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