The language used to describe things that you need to do to manifest with thought can be clarified so that your work and results are easier. This article looks at the word, "visualize" and the idea behind it and demonstrates how there is more to using your imagination that "vision". Read this article to empower yourself to enjoy the power of forming mental pictures. Read this article to do much more than that. Get better at finding and fullfiling your heart's desire. Succeed at manifesting what you desire and imagine with the power of thought.

Lets start by looking at a dictionary definition of the word, VISUALIZE:

–verb (used without object) 1. to recall or form mental images or pictures.
–verb (used with object) 2. to make visual or visible.
3. to form a mental image of.
4. to make perceptible to the mind or imagination.

Using imagination is more than seeing a mental picture. I have heard that vision is a predominant sense in most human beings so it is reasonable to me that when it comes to the art and science of using imagination to make a better life that people talk about visualizing.

And as an expert in the field of imagination and visualization it is my experience that people get stuck when they try and visualize their way to success. It works for some people. However when it comes down to getting the results I think there is too much emphasis on vision and not enough on thought.

Everyday language is full of words that do not really mean what they say. When someone says you need to visualize to bring a dream into reality, you need to see it until it comes true I think that is misleading and people get frustrated.

I recommend that you form thoughts using words like you might in a conversation with a friend to describe what it is that your heart desires. Starting with the thoughts of what your heart desires can lead you to imagine and to use whatever senses and powers are needed to bring your passionate thoughts and dreams into reality.

In order to form a good thought it requires a certain mental steadiness that is a skill so wonderful to have that yoga masters tell us that we can have anything in life if we can steady our thoughts. Therefore when you first set out to form a good thought realize it may not be as easy to focus your mind and focus your thoughts as you may have been led to believe.

To make it easier break it down to one area of your life. Choose one area that is important to you now and only one area for the purpose of this exercise. Now I will lead you through a demonstration how you can form a good thought and how it can improve your ability to vision and imagine something until it comes manifest.

Choose an area of your life that is already happening like your work or your most important relationship and think about it now in your mind as if you are telling a friend what is happening in that area of your life at this time.

If you did that you formed a thought about the life you are having now. Your thought was focused in one area.

Now think of what would be a little bit better than that. For example if you formed a thought about your job, then imagine what would be a little bit better.

Here is an example. My first thought about my life right now is that in the area of my health I lost 60 pounds and regained a lot of my health since 2001. However I am still about ten pounds overweight and I feel uncomfortable about my body.

Can you see how that thought is like a conversation? Anyone can come up with a thought like that, yes?

Next here is my thought about what is a little bit better. I imagine that I have got totally lean and trim and I feel healthy and happy about my body.

Now there you go. You have read my thoughts. The first thought is one I formed about reality. The second thought is one that I imagine is better.

Whenever a person forms thoughts it is natural that parts of our brain start imagining. You might have even imagined something in relation to the thoughts I just expressed about my health area even though you may not know me or have ever seen me in person.

When you form thoughts starting with what is happening in your life now, focused in one area of your life, it gives you a starting point that is easy to form the thought from. Then you can more powerfully form a thought about something that is only in your imagination.

And when you have done that process you end up with a focused imagination of what is your hearts desire.

As you apply this method of forming and focusing thoughts comfortably like speaking to a friend you discover that you are visualizing naturally, easily, and engaging your other senses in the process of making the thoughts. Thus you are achieving the same goal as visualizing more completely and your results are much better.

I hope this helps you to make your life better and inspires you to use your thoughts to help you visualize what you imagine is best for your life.

Focus your mind on happiness.

Author's Bio: 

Jorj Elprehzleinn is a happy spiritual being having a human experience in the material world. His techniques, insights, and assistance in the formal application of mind power to improve personal life and the world in general are based on a lifetime of research and personal experience and aptitude in the right use of thought and mind power.