If you are wanting to get FREE targeted traffic to your website, no matter what business you are in, online or offline, then follow these proven, powerful and profitable steps.
Step One
Setup a FREE MySpace profile.

Simply go to and set up a free account and profile. It takes an email address and 3 minutes of your time.

Start editing your profile immediately. Give it content. It takes very little time and is going to prove to be a phenomenal asset in promoting your website.
Step Two
Start adding 'targeted' friends into your 'Friends Network'.

MySpace (and offer a place for you to find and gather friends that are liked minded or who live in a close proximity near you. If you are an adult and offering products, services, advice or whatever, to other adults, you don't need teenagers in your friends network. You do need other adults.

Example: If you sell children's books, toys or anything related to small children, you are going to want to connect with people who are in the age group from 21 to 36. You are going to want to find 'Married' people in that age group. Lets say that you live in Tuscon and are looking to find people locally for an offline business for which you have a website for, then you can find people who fit this criteria in MySpace. Through the normal search of the 'Advanced Search' you can pinpoint who you want to invite into your friends network. This is an amazing feature of MySpace (and other social networking sites).

Using MySpace to connect with such people is a pro-active way to go after new customers and business. Whereas Google or Yahoo (or any other search engine) are there for those who are actively looking (by entering keywords in the search window), the strategy that I'm describing is a way for YOU to GO AFTER BUSINESS AND CUSTOMERS.

Step Three
Once you begin gathering friends, there are a few things that you need to be aware of.

First, don't request more than 50 friends per profile, per day. Now, the reason that I say 'per profile', you can have as many profiles as you want. I personally have 35 profiles (and plan to add more). I find that out of the 50 friend requests that I make each day, per profile, I am averaging getting about 25-35% of those who actually accept my friend request and connect with my friends network.

Let's say that you want to add more than the 12-13 friends per day, which you request from one profile. What if you want 120-130 new friends joining your network each day. Well, you set up 10 profiles.

Now with my profiles, all of them look exactly the same. (You can see my first one by going to I simply have that many because I want to gather 400-500 new friends every day. That gets me over 140,000 new friends into my friends network in a year's time.

Do not request more than 50 friends per profile per day. Not even 55. If you do, MySpace will delete your account and your profile will simply disappear (trust me on this one; I've done it).

Once last thing before we leave this subject. You will need an email address for each of the profiles that you set up. These email addresses must be legitimate emails addresses. However, you can get all the free email addresses that you want from Yahoo Mail,, and others. You will be required to go to the email address you provide MySpace in order to setup your new profiles and verify that profile.
Step Four
Discover the Bulletins section on your MySpace profile.

Here's where you begin to drive traffic to your website. When you post a bulletin, all of your friends are notified. This is a great place to have a small clickable advertisement that gets people to go to your website. Now there's a lot of things that you can do with them once you get them there. The scope of what you can do with them once you get them there is far larger than what I can cover in this article. However, you are getting FREE targeted traffic to your website.

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