We know, there's no time to panic yet, Christmas is just in 3 months time. Or is it 'Oh my God, it's only 3 months!' Nevermind, there's still plenty of time to look for the Ultimate Gift. And with this time ahead, we can be spoilt with choice.

These short Guides will help you decide what to buy to make the Christmas time enjoyable and relaxed, with no worry 'did I make it right this time?'

Part One - Christmas Gift for a Lady - oh, it's a pleasure to shop for a Lady! Don't believe us? Ok, there's few simple facts:

Ladies love to be spoilt and pampered (so old true works - pampering kit, bath set, favourite parfums - that's an easy one)
Ladies love to look good (which means way better then friends) - let's be honest - we're looking for Ultimate Gift, right?
Ladies won't appreciate scarf / pyjamas / slippers / set of underwear - unless they requested it!
Now, that we know we have to find something unique, beautiful which makes a lady feel special, it's easier to look for the perfect Gift. The simpler, the better, don't complicate it and don't over-do it!

Big hit this year are animal print Hodies - Scene Queens love them! Our favourite is White Stripe Zebra Hoody, so funky and eye-catching, it also comes in fantastic design of Pink Stripes and more toned up Charcoal Stripes!

If you're after Leopard print, we offer two shades of this Jacket - Natural Leopard and absolutely fantastic Pink Leopard Hoody - our no.1 Best Seller this season!

These Jackets look great with Black Skinny Jeans, accessorised with belt and jewellery. Scene Queens love jewellery!

If you're after more alternative and edgy twist, we recommend Kitty Ears Hooded Jackets - very wild and one in a kind, absolutely must-have this year! Choose between Stars or Stripes - we suggest Purple Stripe Kitty Ears and Green Star Kitty Ears - two of the most original and flattering designs!

And remember - Christmas time is perfect for spoiling your loved ones, so make this time special and enjoyable! We even take the last stress of shopping away with our extended 30 days no quibble exchange policy (we understand mistakes happen ;D) - so put your feet up and let the Gifts arrive to you this year ready to put under a Christmas Tree!

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