Some of us move from career to career, never really knowing where we belong.

Others know right from the start where they are destined to make a living and then go out and do it. Cortney Litwin is just such a person.

Growing up, she always had an interest in writing, astrology and public speaking. In her 20's Cortney studied astrology endlessly. In her 30's she honed her writing skills to perfection by going back to school and getting a degree in journalism. During her 40's she found opportunities to use her love of public speaking and began broadcasting for several radio stations.

While her parents may have hoped she would go into the family business (they made that famous wide belt Elvis wore during his last performance), the tailoring business was just not for her.

All the while, she continued to find work that matched her skills and interests.

If we could have watched the evolution of Corney’s Life’s Work, it would have looked something like this:

• Early in life she made a point of following her interest in astrology, dream interpretation and other metaphysical studies.
• She also expanded her three favorite values, which included the exploration of spirituality and personal growth, developing her creativity and becoming a positive force in the world.
• Her interest in writing and understanding why people act the way they do helped her become a positive force in the world through her great love of helping people.
• She has finally developed the perfect career for her, which includes her most important skills, interests and values. Ever expanding her talents, as the industry changed so did she. Not once did she ever want to get out of her career field. She had found her purpose.

Today, Cortney beams when she talks about her work. “I’m a writer of metaphysical articles and an astrologer. I’m also a co-host personality of the internet radio show, “The Cosmic Sutra,” where I share my astrology and dream interpretation expertise with callers.”

Because Corney had the foresight to develop and capitalize on the benefits of her spirituality and personal growth, she now provides spiritual and relationship insights to people who listen to her radio show and read her thought-provoking articles.

If you are one of the millions who do not yet know where you belong in a career, don’t give up just yet. There are solutions. Look back like Cortney did at your early God-given skills, interests and values. If you cannot quite put them together and see your career options, find a career counselor who will help you sort it all out.

To your career success!

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Author's Bio: 

Certified Behavioral Therapist and Spiritual Career Counselor, Kathi Calahan, helps others find the work best suited to their personalities. Her background includes teaching at two different California community colleges, a business representative at the Camp Verde Chamber of Commerce and for many years developed her spiritual side by working as a Professional Psychic. Helping others discover their life's work is done through her company, Finding God, Practical & Spiritual Solutions to Everyday Problems.