So you want to be an Internet Marketer? You want
to be your own boss. You want to set your own hours
and work from the comfort of your own home, no matter
where in the world you choose to live. You simply want
the freedom working on the web gives you.

Realistically, the only major obstacle in your way
is a good solid training or education in how online
marketing really works.

So just how does one earn a living online?

No doubt you have heard all the over-hyped stories
of how some nearly comatose dim-wit with just a few
functioning brain cells makes a financial killing online.
Or how some geeky high school kid working on a
computer in his parent's basement, cracks the formula
for making big bucks on the net.

However, if you can dismiss all the bogus claims and
see through all the marketing hype, you will find
thousands upon thousands of very ordinary people
quietly working on the web and making a very decent
living from the comfort of their own homes.

All of them had to acquire the skills and knowledge
needed to become part of this new cyber workforce.
Each one had to obtain a good education or training
in order to make the web work for them. They had to
discover the techniques and methods of making a
website or online business produce revenue 24/7/365,
earning income automatically even while they're

Different Ways To Earn Online Income

Complicating the whole process is the fact that there
are countless ways to earn income on the web. You can
build websites and earn money thru advertising, you can
sell your own products or services, you can do affiliate
marketing and sell other people's products, you can
become a consultant and sell your expertise, you can
work the eBay system, you can do Google arbitrage
buying and selling traffic... these are just a few
of the countless ways you can earn a living online.

One obvious fact still remains - you have to learn
this stuff. You have to know how all this works. You
have to obtain an Internet marketing training or

Like any profession it is best to learn from someone
who is actually pursuing that profession, simply learn
your trade from another reputable online marketer.
Unfortunately, this can be a virtual minefield if you're
not careful in your choice of educator you may end up
wasting a lot of time and money on foolish 'get-rich-quick'
programs and useless info products that you will never use.

With this thought fresh in your mind, here are some
of the most worthwhile teachers and training courses
you might consider. All of these have earned solid
reputations for producing effective online marketing
products and courses.

These should make the top of your short list:

Ken Evoy & SBI

Ken Evoy and his whole Site Build It system. A comprehensive
online marketing system that takes even the most complete
novice and shows them step-by-step how to build a web business.
Sometimes referred to as "The Full Monty Of eMarketing!"
You can now take the SBI training in over 18 universities
and colleges.

Brad Callen

Brad Callen and his SEO and Keyword Elite products. For
the professional marketer Brad has not only developed
some of the best marketing tools, he has created a whole
series of training lessons with videos, ebooks and podcasts
as bonus incentives to buy his Bryxen Software products.

John Reese

John Reese with his Traffic Secrets gained notoriety in
online marketing circles by selling over a million dollars
in just one day. Recently, John has devoted his time around which offers many great free training products.

Joel Comm

Joel Comm with his Adsense line of products, plus the
first reality show for online marketers: The Next Internet
Millionaire. This reality type concept had to happen with
Internet marketing and Joel is bringing in some top names
including Armand Morin, Mike Filsaime and Mark Joyner who
is often referred to as the Godfather of Internet marketing.

Marlon Sanders

Marlon Sanders and his whole line of Higher Response
Marketing products including the Amazing Formula. Another
one of the pioneers of Internet marketing and a great
source to learn how to market on the web.

Neil Shearing

Neil Shearing with his Scamfreezone products is another
remarkable online teacher. With a PHD and British background,
Neil is often credited with bringing a high level of professionalism to the often over-hyped arena of Internet marketing.

Jim Daniels

Jim Daniels with BizWeb2000 is another marketer who
has built up a solid following on the web. One of the
first marketers in the States to popularize working
full-time online.

Kenneth A. McArthur

Kenneth A. McArthur with Affiliate Showcase and his Learning
Folders. Ken is also one of the top JV (Joint Venture) experts
on the web with his jvAlert site.

Other Training Sources

Then there are others such as Janet Wilson (Empowerism),
Mike Merz (Im4newbies), Micheal Green (Howtocorp), Stone
Evans (The Home Biz Guy), Brad Fallon (Stomper & FreeIQ)
and Yanek Silver (33 Days To Online Profits).

Of course, these are just the top names that spring to mind
and they are good starting points for anyone wishing to
explore Internet marketing. In addition, you must realize
many large companies are now getting involved in training
webmasters and marketers on how to earn online.


Google offers extensive information with their webmaster
tools as well as their Adwords and Adsense programs. Don't
overlook Google as your major source of online training.
For those willing to learn, Google gives any marketer
invaluable free information and tools in which to monetize
their sites. Google Analytics should be consider as
the online marketer's primer.

Affiliate Networks

Large affiliate networks like Commission Junction, LinkShare,
ClickBank, Shareasale... should also be considered as
valuable learning resources for the online marketer. These
companies will help you succeed with your promotions and

PPC Companies

Likewise, the major PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising companies
will offer valuable tools and training. Yahoo!Marketing (Overture) Microsoft Adcenter and Google Adwords all offer excellent resources to help the online marketer proceed in the right direction.


In addition, there are companies like Web CEO which offer
training products not only to individuals but also to companies
as well, helping over 360,000+ businesses in 124 countries
and counting.

Take The Backdoor!

Perhaps, in the final analysis, any person wishing to
learn Internet marketing can draw a hands-on training
from any of theses individuals or companies listed above.
Also remember, acquiring training from these parties
does not have to cost you a fortune for almost all have a
convenient backdoor. They offer affiliate programs which
you can join at no cost and most will train you how to market
their products, offering you a valuable education in
online marketing in the process.

The prudent student will no doubt take information from
many of the sources listed above and proceed with the one
that suits their own personality and working habits. For
in the end, unlike traditional jobs of the past, becoming
a full-time online marketer is all about satisfying your
own needs and objectives.

It's all about building a lifestyle that offers you the freedom
to pursue your own goals and interests in whatever location
you choose to live. Internet marketing offers everyone,
regardless of age or background an equal opportunity, to
obtain a part or full-time income from the web. Earning a
living simply doesn't get any better than this.

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