Tutoring and supplemental education has become a booming industry in the United States.

The need for tutors and additional re-enforcement has exploded as teachers are faced with so many challenges in the classroom. It is important for children to receive help and guidance in subject areas that are difficult for them and unfortunately busy teachers are not always able to provide the extra one on one instruction that some students need to succeed.

Tutoring can be a wonderful experience for students. In a one on one environment, students receive the individual attention they need and are able to ask questions without any feelings of self consciousness or pressure from their friends. The right tutor will be able to encourage a student, help him or her to succeed and feel confident in the subject.

For many students, tutors will become not only a mentor, but also a friend. It can be a very rewarding experience for both the student and the tutor. The key is finding the right tutor who will inspire and motivate your student so that they look forward to their tutoring sessions!

Parents can go through a tutoring franchise to find a tutor. There are many that advertise their services in the United States. Keep in mind that they work like a temp agency. They hire tutors and pay them only a small portion of the hourly rate that parents pay. Many times the relationship will be a better fit when you work directly with the tutor who is specialized and has their own tutoring business.

Parents can find qualified tutors through the school system, teachers and friends. Another great source to find quality tutors is through a tutoring directory. Tutoring directories are a great resource for finding a local tutor or also an online tutor. Tutors who advertise their business in tutoring directories are serious about what they do and usually pay to be a member of the directory’s services.

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