The Buddha said: Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared"
But happiness increases 10 fold when it is shared. Those of you who are familiar with Dr. David Hawkin's work will know that when our energy calibration rises our field of influence rises too.

Many of us feel that the media has a lot to do with the negative sentiment that can be felt everywhere at present. It is sadly true that most of us surcome to this onslaught of negativity. When the buttons of our core fears are constantly pressed it is easy to give in and lose sight of the fact that fear ultimately is seldom real. It stands for false evidence appearing real, and for good reason. Most of the time when we give in to fear we give in to something that has not yet happened, or something that has happened to someone we know and care about.

The untrained mind projects outside events onto you as if they were happening to you. You experience this as fear in the case of negative events and as optimism with positive events. Your mind also looks to the future and projects possibilities that have not happened yet and makes them appear real to you. Again, if the future projection is negative fear sets in and if it is positive you will feel a sense of optimism. However, neither emotion is real, since they both are projections. The only difference is that you interpret the one emotion as pleasant and the other one as negative.

I have discussed many a time the need to become aware of your thoughts. This may well mean that you have to go beyond your normal comfort zone and operate on a level which you'd rather ignore, because facing the fact that you have a lot of negativity inside you does not fit into the image you have of yourself.

Don't make that mistake. In the long run it will cost you dearly. When you can just notice a negative thought and accept it for what it is and then choose a different, more positive thought you will effectively neutralise the negative thought. Plus and minus cancel each other out and produce a neutral. It is the principle of healing and balance.

Once you have made this technique a habit,and by the way, Micro EFT is the perfect tool to assist you, you are creating clear pathways to true happiness. You will notice how the need to constantly react to the events in your life and thoughts in your mind gradually starts to diminish. A feeling of inner peace starts taking over, nourishing your soul and captivating the mind.

Now, imagine if you could share these feelings of inner peace and calm with others. What actually happens is this: You will feel even more peaceful, because with every kind and peaceful thought you are influencing another human being near you. Their light will reflect back on you. Just like lighting that first candle and proceeding to light many more. Your room will soon be bright with light from all the other candles you have lit. You can experience these feelings in my retreats when I guide you through meditaions to this inner state and teach you how you can do this for yourself at any time.

Seek true, authentic happiness by becoming true to yourself and your real feelings. Neutralise the negativity as you notice it in your thinking. The authentic you will come to the surface and blossom, like a lotus flower and shedding its seeds at the same time.

Author's Bio: 

Mercedes Oestermann van Essen is a human development coach and energy therapist. She has created the Happy Venn Diagram for environment, body and mind and teaches integral life principles in her books, audios, workshops and retreats.