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We live in the most exciting time of human existence. Never has been a time before with so many opportunities for people to prosper than it is today. We are virtually at the crisp of entering a full fledge online economy. Not only that, but we also have many opportunities still offered today from the industrial age which have reached maturity over a decade ago.

Whether, you realize it or not, the internet economy which started with the birth of the computer, still has a long way before reaching maturity, which means you can ride the wave to maturity which will take at least another decade or two and profit from it to create the life of your dreams.

In close analysis of the trends taking place in today's economy, you will notice a pattern that is similar to the pre-industrial age. Many people are reverting to their natural aptitude and starting their own business.

In the pre-industrial age, most people were small entrepreneurs, exchanging skills and products for other products or money. Employees were a rare thing, and it was the industrial age that invented organized labor and corporations where you have to punch in and out. And what's happening today is nothing short of an entrepreneurial awakening. People are reactivating their entrepreneurial soul and taking their product to the world's online market through their computers and that's revolutionary.

If you are sick of the rat race and want out, you would first need to follow three simple steps to be successful as outlined below.

Step 1: Discover your true passion

What do find yourself doing when you are not on the job?

The next time you go home after work, pay very close attention and break your routine, whether it's watching T.V., drinking or any mundane activity.

What do you naturally gravitate towards doing, and not born out of habit and learned social behavior? Is it writing something, reading something, fixing something, building something, or talking about something? What's that one thing that just makes you feel joyful and childlike?

Ask yourself this very crucial question and answer it with all honesty. If you had all the money you need to pay all your living expenses for the rest of your life, what would you get up and do for FREE every morning for the rest of your life that would be in service to other people?

Step 2: Connect to your passion

A) Tally all the free time you have before going to work and after, including weekends and create a schedule of it such as 5-7 am, 7-9 p.m and more hours on the weekend to practice your passion.

B) Dedicate your new schedule to practice your passion and strengthen it on daily basis. If you do that, you find that you are gaining clarity and deeper insight about yourself that you didn't know existed. You will also feel more focused than ever before and a great sense of joy.

Step 3: Embrace and live your passion

A) Follow your new passion schedule for at least 90 days and until it becomes a second nature to you.

B) Search the internet and find out how you can build a successful online business around your passion. Chances are they are successful people out there who are living the same passion full-time and with a web-based business model. Find that one person that makes so much sense to you and attend their seminars, workshops and sign-up to their newsletter if they have one.

C) Find a way that you can emulate their business model, but with your own flavor and personality. Meaning, how you present and do your passion must incorporate elements of your personality. For example, you can get from one destination to another, by a car, train, bus, airplane, walking, jogging or on a ship, which method would you choose if you have the option? There's only one of you, and only you can deliver that product or service in that one certain flavor, and the internet is your gateway to the world's market.

d) Keep your job till your part-time passion start generating twice as much money as your job for at least a year, and don't raise your living standards, but actually stash the extra income to give you enough living expenses for at least a year or two.

e) Congratulation, you are free to vacate your job and do your passion full-time with minimal downside.

f) Focus on expanding your business and teaching other daring souls how to break free from the same race .


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Erfan Hettini is a lifelong entrepreneur; he started his first business while still in college. He's currently a business consultant, a business coach, a movie producer, an award winning poet and the author of the powerful book 101 Reasons You Should Fire Your Employer & Start Your Own Business. He's also a renowned business expert on the subject of Entrepreneurship Empowerment at the world #1 online destination for self improvement- www.selfgrowth.com . To find more go to www.fire-your-employer.com