One of the most profitable segments of your online business is your list. With a good list, you can develop a continuing source of online income. In fact, you can expect to generate about one dollar each month for each of your subscribers. That is twelve dollars per year for each person on your list. Given these numbers, you can see what a good business plan it is to grow and maintain a list.

To maximize the size of your list, follow these procedures below:

1. Register with a good autoresponder. The major companies in the field are Aweber and Getresponse. Dealing with one of these large outfits has many advantages. They will maintain your records and take care of many of the details for you.

2. Display your subscription box prominently on your website. The major autoresponder companies provide you with easy to install code to create your subscription box.

3. Offer visitors an incentive to join your list. Good incentives include free reports, ebooks, ecourses, or anything free that is related to your niche.

4. Ask for as little information as possible on your opt in box. The more information you request, the fewer people will subscribe. To maximize subscriptions, request just a first name and email address.

5. Display a privacy statement near your opt in box. Let people know that you would never sell, rent, or otherwise disclose the information they provide.

6. Let people know how they will benefit by subscribing to your list. Use headlines and bullets in your description.

7. Contact new subscribers quickly and provide them with the free incentive you promised. Waiting two or three days to send out a promised incentive is a sure way to alienate list members and generate “unsubscriptions.”

8. Always provide quality information to members of your list. Send them valuable information, free gifts, and items of interest.

9. Don’t try to sell your subscribers something every day. Limit your sales pitches to once a week or so.

Always respect your list; send them good information and always answer their questions promptly. Take good care of your list and it will provide you with a large and growing source of income for years to come.

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