What would be in YOUR dream home?

I was reading an article this week about what Generation Y, Gener-ation X and
Baby Boomers want in their dream home. For those born from 1978 to the present
(Gen Y) a whirlpool bath and swimming pool topped the list. Gen X-ers
(1965-1977) and Boomers (1946-1964) dream of things with a practical use. A
state of the art kitchen and walk-in closets top both of their wish lists.

A budget of $10,000 to $40,000 can turn an existing kitchen into a dream
kitchen with the addition of high end counter tops, new cabinet fronts, state of
the art appliances and great decor. But fear not. I have got some great ideas
for you if major kitchen upgrades do not agree with your budget.

Perk Up Your Kitchen

Installing pull out shelves in your cabinets will allow you to quickly see
everything inside. Sliders under the sink will give you easy access to the trash
or recycling containers. A trip to the hardware store will give you many ideas
on how to make your cabinet space organized and efficient.

Take a look at your sink. Is it scratched, stained or just plain ugly? Update
it with an extra deep sink that will make washing large dishes and pots easier.
Add sparkle to the area with new faucets. Choose a style with a high gooseneck
to make filling large pots easier.

Just Add Furniture

Play with the layout of the furniture in your kitchen to see if you have room
for a small comfortable chair. It will become a favorite spot of family or
friends as they keep you company while you cook. It is also a wonderful place
for you to relax while they clean up after dinner.

A Few More Tricks

Find a pretty piece of pottery or glassware to hold your spatulas, whisks
etc. That eight inch bowl that you fell in love with would make a great utensil
holder. Do not let your favorite pieces hide in the cabinet - find ways to use
them on the countertop. If you have too many favorites and do not want clutter,
rotate them every month. It is an easy change that will keep your decor

A small lamp tucked into a corner on the countertop will softly light the
kitchen at night. Shop for one that has an interesting shape or shade.

A favorite designer trick for adding color to the kitchen is to place tall
thin floral arrangements on each side of the sink. Eighteen inch topiaries
adorned with lemons or pears make perfect accent pieces.

Thank you for letting me share some of my ideas with you today. Remember to
send me your favorite finds that you have turned into something special for your
home. I love your creativity and I want to share it with other

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