You are about to understand a powerful motivation creating method that will transform your desires into reality. Do you want to retire young, retire rich, be as sexy and healthy as you can be, build a business that generates an unstoppable cash flow, to be happy and live life to its fullest.

You decide what you want from life.

Yes, 10 minutes a day can put you into a state of complete focused motivation that moves you towards your desires.

No more wishing and wanting with out results. Massive focused motivation is within your reach.

This is an ancient technique that is still used successfully today it will allow you to birth your desires. Generations have reaped the awesome rewards of this simple powerful and effective process.

Our worlds top athletes know and use this, the wealthy know and use this and the powerful and influential know and use this. Now you can exploit this knowledge.

As you progress through the development of your 10 minutes a day motivation you will define what you really desire from your life. You will keep it alive in your minds eye and crystallize your vision. Each day it will be clear what you are doing and attracting into your life. It all starts with a simple decision and consistent application of you new found (Habit) 10 minutes a day to massive motivation.

So let's get you started with your motivation developing process.
I suggest that you read this report completely before doing any of the steps outlined. Get a good idea of what the entire process is first.

The initial set up of this process will take longer than 10 minutes and it should. Rest assured that after that you will be spending only 10 minutes a day.

Read on we are getting to the good part!

Invest in a journal of some kind. I started out with a spiral notebook and it worked fine. I have advanced to a higher quality journal since then but a simple spiral notebook is a great place to start. You see it doesn't matter what you use, the power is in the action you will take.

There is wisdom in knowledge but the true power is in applied knowledge Acting upon knowledge

Knowledge = Potential Power - Action = Power!
Action * Knowledge = Results

Your first step is to do some brainstorming. If you are new to brainstorming it is very simple ready here we go.

Your mindset is to be open to all thoughts and ideas that come to you and write them down. I suggest at a minimum brainstorm of 25 items that you want to happen in you life. Remember no limits here (very important) write down 25 items that you want in your life.

Again read this whole report before beginning. To begin you need to put yourself in a situation of a relaxed and open state of mind. Turn off any distraction mentally and/or physically at this moment.

Ok take a breath in about a 4 second deep inhale hold it for 8 seconds and release exhaling with a long steady exhale that is about 6 seconds. You will repeat this deep breathing exercise 10 to 15 times.

As you perform this exercise mentally and physically feel the fresh new oxygen filling you with energy and life. Hold it and exhale on the exhale feel your mind and body relaxing pushing away any distractions or stress. As you repeat this you will mentally become calm and more alert you will feel fresh alive and energized. This is an extremely powerful method that you be able to use the rest of your life as well.

Ok at this point you are ready to begin writing down your desires putting them on paper. You are relaxed open and ready. Remember 25 minimum. This is the brain storming portion. No limits put them down we will do some sorting in a minute. Write it down dream big!

Only after you have 25 items you can begin this portion. Here you prioritize and pick the most important items you want to bring to life first. This part you will be able to revisit as needed. Pick the top 3 to 4 items. Write them down on a separate piece of paper.

Great we are really getting to the heart of your new life changing practice. We are almost done. Remember you are developing 10-minutes a day to massive motivation technique that will change your life forever from this point on.

Invest some time in this it will be worth every moment, as you will see.

Now that you have your top 3 to 4 items that you want to bring to life write a short descriptive 2 to 3 sentence paragraph about each item.

If you find this difficult just do it. You can and will refine this as you go. They really do not have to be prefect at this point the power is in the action you take.

You do not have to get it right to get it going! You just have to get it going. The critiques and refining can happen as you go just get it going.

You will transfer these 3 to 4 items to a 5X8 index card. Use a couple if needed.

Ready now here is where your 10-minutes a day to massive focused motivation starts to work its magic.

You will pick a time that is all yours no distractions no worries. I can do this part anywhere at anytime now and I often do, but to start let's develop this for you so that it becomes second nature for you.

The best and most effective time to do this is in the morning immediately after you wake up. You can also do this just before sleeping very powerful as well.

If you pick the morning to do this you can always rise a little earlier than usual and begin.

What a way to start the day. All day these thoughts will be working in the background becoming a reality for you, internally motivating, focusing, build energy and purpose.

This practice begins by breathing deeply as outlined earlier in this report getting into a relaxed open state. Take your time and really live this process.

Read your 5X8 card(s). Read them silently and aloud. Spend about 10-minutes a day doing this. If you like you can also write them out on a piece of paper. You are visually, verbally, audibly and kinetically bringing you deepest desires to life. This is extremely powerful and highly effective and so simple. These techniques have been and are used by the ultra successful. Do not let its simplicity fool you they are powerful and effective.

Use Them!

Repeat this process every day. EVERYDAY! You will experience a new found level of massive focused motivation.

It is that simple and extremely powerful.

Implementing this simple powerful practice into you daily life you will soon understand that anything is achievable.

Your motivation will be fueled by a constant input of what really motivates you at your core level. It is focused and personal.

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Retire Rich, Retire Young, Retire Quickly, Be Healthy Sexy and full of life.

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Rod Wambold resides in Vancouver, WA. He has had many successes in life and his share of temporary down times. "We learn as we go"

Rod is currently helping others make a living through Internet Marketing. Rod is a husband and a father of 2 boys a 12year old and a 9 month old. He has taught the Martial Arts were he found a passion for empowering others. Motivated to earn an income online he has developed successful online businesses.

He feels that by empowering others in life he is contributing back to the greater good for us all. Rod encourages you to use this time tested powerful life changing technique to achieve more in your life and share this with others.

Rod has developed several websites and blogs and wants to share a couple of them with you.

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