One of the ways in which we can communicate with our subconscious minds is through our bodies.

Perhaps you can recall a time when you walked into some place for the very first time and without knowing anything consciously about the place, the place felt just right for you, you felt "good vibes", or you felt at odds with the place, you felt "bad vibes" and the only thing on your mind was getting out of there as fast as possible. Even though you consciously you couldn't put your finger on what exactly felt right or wrong, your body communicated what you sensed in some way. When you found yourself in a place with "good vibes", perhaps you felt you could breathe deeper, or you felt more relaxed or open; whereas when you found yourself yourself in a place with "bad vibes", perhaps your breathing became more shallow, and you felt constricted in some way, maybe you felt tightening in your guts, in your solar plexus. And you may recall having the same experiences with people - when you felt comfortable with them, you unconsciously inclined your body toward them, and when you felt in some way repelled, you unconsciously pulled back. These were just some of the ways in which your subconscious was giving "yes - this is appropriate for you" or "go ahead" and "no - this is not beneficial for you", "better stay away" - signals.

In hypnosis, when a hypnotist desires to get a response directly from a person's subconscious, he may set up a communication system through the person's fingers. This is referred to as "ideomotor response" or "ideomotor signaling". For this purpose, a hypnotist would designate one finger to represent a "yes" answer, another finger to represent a "no" answer, and he may designate yet another finger to represent "I don't know" or "I don't want to answer".

You can establish this system of communication with your subconscious by yourself also. The first step is to programming your body with signals that will represent "yes" and "no" responses, and if you like "I don't know" or "I don't want to answer". To program a finger with a "yes" answer, you can choose a finger, perhaps an index finger, and simply lift the index finger up several times while repeating, silently or aloud "yes". You can then choose another finger, perhaps a small finger, lift it up several times while repeating silently or aloud "no". You can likewise program another finger with "I don't know" or "I don't want to answer".

Once you have programmed your fingers, you can ask questions to which you can get an immediate feedback, questions to which you can verify the answers.

Based on your inclinations and preferences, you may program different responses through different parts of your body. You may program your fingers or hands to create gestures or produce different sensations e.g. sensation of warmth, coolness, tingling sensation, etc. You can program your entire body to slightly bend forward as a "yes" response, or to bend slightly backward as a "no" response.

Besides programming your body just with "yes", "no" or "I don't know answers, you can instruct your body to take you to a desired location. If you have misplaced something, you can instruct your body - your legs, if you like - to take you where what you're looking for is. I have used this method successfully both to find things that I have misplaced, as well as to find things in other people's places which they have misplaced. Our minds are all interconnected and our bodies are in a way extensions of our minds. I would simply instruct my body to take me to wherever the misplaced object is.

All of the above are forms of what is also called "body dowsing (BD)" or "deviceless dowsing (DD)". Some people find it easier to get the information from their subconscious minds through movements of the body, while others find it easier to first work with devices like pendulums, L-rods, or bobbers. If you desire to learn how to dowse with pendulums, L-rods and bobbers, you can download free ebooks from the Deep Trance Now newsletter subscriber section.

Whatever method you choose, becoming proficient will most likely require a certain amount of practice. When learning how to work with your subconscious mind, you will make the fastest progress if you work on questions where you can get an immediate feedback. Through feedback, you will become more aware of when the answers you are getting are genuinely coming from your subconscious mind and when they are coming from your conscious mind, from what is called "an analytic overlay" (AOL). The answers coming directly from your subconscious will have a different feeling to them than those coming from your conscious mind. One of the easiest ways for getting analytic overlay out of the way is by asking a question and then getting into an open state of mind where instead of asking if this or that is the right answer, you are simply focused on the question "I wonder what is the answer?"

You can use dowsing to help you make the most beneficial choices in any area of your life. People have used dowsing for all sorts of things: to look for water, mines, and hidden treasures; to choose the most suitable person for a relationship, to choose suitable business partners, to choose suitable doctors, dentists, restaurants, to select the best company to work for, to selecting the best investments, to find best car dealership, to choose the most appropriate car, to get parking spots, to select best nutrition, to correct health imbalances, to clear emotional issues, to pick the best place for vacation, to find lost pets, and the list goes on. You can think of many ways in which you can use the information available from your subconscious mind to help you live your life in an easier, more comfortable and more fulfilling way.

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