In network marketing, duplicating one's upline has long been touted as the key to building a strong and successful MLM business.

When Ann Sieg's hard hitting report The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing made it's way into the hands of thousands of network marketers midway through 2007, the fall out was expected to be enormous.

For too long, struggling MLMers have been told to

- duplicate their upline
- everyone within arms length of you is a prospect
- anyone can do this and it's not sales but product sharing
- just join and you'll have your business built for you and

probably the most irritating statement of all.."Your belief levels aren't strong enough!"

Hit And Miss Prospecting

Network marketing's huge attrition rate not only emphasized these statements as misleading but the excessive fall out rate also tainted the image of the industry as well.

The main problem distributors have is creating a steady flow of prospects. Without constant leads in your business it doesn't matter how much belief you have in yourself and the system, your business will simply stagnate and wither away.

Hit and miss prospecting is approaching friends, relatives and total strangers. It's unbusinesslike and will more often than not get you labeled as a serial pest. Worse still, it only takes very few rejections for a network marketer to throw up their hands and declare it's all too hard and stressful. Hence the huge attrition rate in the industry.

Attraction Marketing

The internet has far reaching power. As a vehicle for attracting targeted prospects into your network marketing business, it's unrivaled. But the problem is, most network marketers don't know how to promote and market online.

One of the 7 great lies of network marketing revolves around the fact that anyone can do this business. That's true offline but online, it's a whole different ball game.
The internet allows you to target the people you want to do business with. Attraction marketing is about pre-selling these prospects well before they listen to your primary business offer.

The irony seems to be that renegade network marketers are now disproving this theory. Using attraction marketing techniques online to draw targeted prospects into your funnel has never been easier.

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