You can hardly get out of bed in the morning. Maybe you hate your job, and every day you spend there sucks another ounce of life-blood out of you. Or your relationship hasn't been fulfilling for a very long time. You are so ready for a change. But what exactly should you do about it?

If you believe you need a change, you're probably right. But just what does that mean? Whether it's your relationship or your job, you do have options, and they are not limited to "Should I stay or should I leave?"

Before you jump ship, check if it's the ship that's broken or if you simply haven't figured out how to work with it effectively.

Maybe you really do need to leave. And if so, there are steps you can take to minimize any risk and trauma from that experience and maximize your chances that you will really find the greener pastures you've been hoping for.

But maybe there are simply a few aspects of your job that aren't working, and you may be able to fix them and find yourself already in the job of your dreams.

The same is true for a relationship. Some relationships have been damaged beyond repair and so the merciful thing to do would be to end them and give both partners the opportunity to connect with someone who is much more appropriate for them.

But then again, maybe a series of misunderstandings and hurt feelings have led to a rift that can be repaired if the partners learn how to communicate more effectively and commit to giving their relationship another chance.

How will you know? Take a close look. Consider working with a coach.

A coach can help you gain valuable perspective so you have a better sense as to which option might be right. She can also provide support as you work towards making the job -- or the relationship -- you already have work much better for you. And, of course, she will hold you accountable so you will stick with the action plan you have committed to.

And, last but not least, she can support you in the process of making the change, if that's what turns out to be the right solution for you, and help you land on your feet or build your wings when you do decide to take that leap.

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