Many people struggle financially online. But, with a little hard work and perseverance, you can build a super successful Internet business.

How is this possible? Developing and creating your own product is one of the primary keys to real success in the Internet marketing business. All of the super successful marketers insist that you need your own product. I’ve read many articles that told of marketers who struggled financially until they finally developed their own product.

Why is it so important to have your own product? You are not at the mercy of some unknown merchant. You determine the price for your products. You can set up a system so that you do not have to wait several weeks to get your checks.

However, the number one reason that you should develop you own product is that you can build your own affiliate network. That is the number one key to success! It is how almost all of the super successful Internet marketers became successful.

In fact, recruiting others to sell a product is how most ultra successful businesses operate, regardless of their field (or niche). Toyota doesn’t sell their cars one at a time to individual buyers; they have a legion of independent dealerships that sell for them. Exxon doesn’t sell gasoline to the buying public, they leave that to thousands of independent gas stations.

Those selling for Toyota, Exxon, and others represent their affiliate network. These mega-companies get thousands of others to sell their product and keep a percentage of each sale for themselves. By doing this, they have amassed huge fortunes amounting to billions of dollars.

I’m not saying that you will earn billions with your affiliate program. But, if your Internet business is struggling, an affiliate program is something you should consider. It could make the difference between just getting by and making a very nice living.

But before you can establish an affiliate program, you need your own product. Developing an ebook is an excellent product to start with. Ebooks are well received by the public, they sell very well, depending of course on the subject matter, and they are fairly easy to put together.

Using an affiliate network to sell your product is fastest way to achieve success. So get busy. Spend sometime on developing your own product.

Then, in a year or two, when you send out a newsletter to your army of affiliates, you can refer to that time long ago, when you too struggled financially…

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