Love him or hate him, but you cannot ignore him, much less deny that he is a winner. From Mr. Olympia and Mr. Universe to Hollywood blockbuster movie hero to governor of California, Arnold Swarzenegger has confounded his critics and his detractors.

Even when the allegations of sexual impropriety came, as they always seem to do in politics, he didn't slow down. He admitted it and kept going.

He didn't allow this or any other thing to distract him. He kept focussing on the task at hand, which was to become the governor of California.

How many times were you focussed on something, when somebody came with an allegation or revealed something you may or may not have done in the past. And when that thing came it blew you off-course and cause you to lose your momentum.

On your journey to success there will always be distractions. There will always be critics and detractors, but you cannot allow them to derail your plans and lose your focus because of them.

When these things come, don't try and run from them. Confront them and deal with them like Arnold did. If it's true admit it and move on, don't try and deny it, because it won't stop.

I don't know if you noticed, but while his opponents and the media were specualting about the impact of the allegations on his campaign, Arnold ws already celebrating. As far as he was concerned, he was already the governor of California.

There are all kinds of analysts and political commentators who are speculating about why Arnold won. The explanations are endless and range from his celebrity status to his wealth.

I don't know about any of that. What I know is that Arnold Swarzenegger knows how to win.

He has proven it many times before. Long before he saw the bright lights of Hollywood, he set his sights on became a champion bodybuilder, and even the Austrian winter could not distract him as he trained outside in near freezing temperatures.

Arnold Swarzenegger knows that success starts as a state of mind and that what you observe with your eyes physically is not reality, but a mere manifestation of the reality you have already created in your mind.

When he appeared at Mr. Olympia Arnold walked like a champion long before he was crowned. He seized the moment.

While the other contestants were thinking about the judges and what they should do to impress the judges, Arnold already had visions of the judges declaring him as the winner.

After becoming Mr. Olympia, Arnold Swarzenegger set his sights on conquering Hollywood. Again there were detractors who were giving him many reasons why he will not succeed, one of which was that his heavy Austrian accent would be a stumbling block. As we all know today, it wasn't. He made it in spite of his

The lesson in all of this is. Don't let anyone tell you you can do this or you cannot do that. Learn form Arnold Swarzenegger, whether you like him or agree with his views or not.

See how he has seized the most important moments in his life and seize the moment for yourself, no matter what your goals are.

Stop listening to the speculation of the media and gain the attitude of a winner, and you will soon start to win as Arnold Swarzenegger has done his whole life, often against the odds.

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