Your construct of reality causes blind spots to prevent you from easily applying the Law of Attraction. This construct is how you view the world and either supports or hinders you. Once you understand the building blocks of reality, you can then make new choices and effectively leverage the Law of Attraction.

This article is the second in a series. To get the most value from the series, I would highly suggest you go back and read the first article before continuing. The first article in this series answers some important questions:

1. Who are you?
2. Why are you here?
3. What is your purpose?

Effectively applying the Law of Attraction requires that you understand the construct of your reality. The construct of your reality is created from one of two opposing view points: you are either knowing or not knowing.

Knowing vs Not Knowing

The building blocks of reality are created from two different points of view: “knowing” and “not knowing”. These opposing view points are extreme polar opposites. The gap between these two view points provides for an infinite number of alternate possibilities. It’s important to understand the difference.

Knowing is a state of connectedness. Remember, you are energy. Science has proven this time and time again. You cannot be created or destroyed. You have no beginning and no end. You can only change forms or transform. You are a continuous wave of transforming energy.

Not knowing is what you “learned”. This is what you were taught growing up. You were taught that there is an outside and an inside, and that both are separate. You were taught that there is you and that there are others, and that you are separate from others. You were taught that you are separate from everything and everything is separate from you. Not knowing created the illusion of physical separation.

You learned the idea of separation from your parents and other teachers. The illusion of separateness was developed in your mind so that you could play the game. You see you had to forget your true power before you could play. You were raised to believe that everything in your current reality is separate from everything and everyone else.

When you willingly shift this view point, you can alter your reality and effectively apply the Law of Attraction.

Creating Illusions

Remember that your whole purpose for being here is to play a game. The intention of that game is to remember who you really are. Not knowing was created as an illusion so that you could play the game in the first place. Not knowing is separateness and separateness is an illusion.

You don’t have to take my word for it. In 1982, Alain Aspect made an astonishing discovery through experimentation that validates my claim. Quoted from Seth Pavilion at Spiritual Endeavors,

“Aspect and his team discovered that under certain circumstances subatomic particles such as electrons are able to instantaneously communicate with each other regardless of the distance separating them. Somehow each particle always seems to know what the other is doing.”

At the time of this discovery, classical physics could not explain this odd phenomenon. Particles were able to instantaneously speak to each other regardless of the massive distances between them. It defied the logic of time and space. How could it be true? Are these particles connected?

The idea that all things are connected is also evident in Wallace Wattles teachings. Over 100 years ago Wallace was trying to tell us the same thing. It’s not until recently that we have been able to produce a framework that explains this model of the Universe. This model can be explained by the hologram. In order to understand this model, we first have to understand how holograms work.

How Holograms are Created

I’m going to get technical for a bit so stay with me. A hologram is a three-dimensional image, created with photographic projection. In order to make a hologram you bathe the object in the light of a laser beam. You then take a second laser beam and reflect it off the light of the first beam. Both beams of light are captured on a holographic plate and creates an interference pattern. I call this interference pattern “the code.”

The pattern on the plate contains all the information of the original object. It includes color, size, location and any other specific details of the object. This code or interference pattern does not tell us much. You have to energize the pattern in order to see the holographic image.

When the interference pattern is illuminated by a third laser beam, a three dimensional image of the object appears. I call the third laser beam “the power.” The power of the third laser beam energizes the holographic image. In other words,

Code + Power = Holographic Illusion

A holographic image is similar to the technology used in the Star Wars series of movies. In this series, a 3-D image of a person was created as a way of communicating between people to send messages.

Holograms have a characteristic that makes them uniquely special. If you take the original object and cut it in half, you can still produce a complete holographic projection. In other words, you can produce a full holographic image from half of the original object.

Let me explain with an example. If you had an apple and chopped it in half, you could create the 3-D image of the whole apple using holographic technology. Another way of saying this is that each part of the apple contains the whole. Each particle in an apple contains “the code” to produce the whole object.

Using Bohms’ explanation of holography, Seth Pavilion states,

“Imagine an aquarium containing a fish. Imagine also that you are unable to see the aquarium directly and your knowledge about it and what it contains comes from two television cameras, one directed at the aquarium’s front and the other directed at its side.

As you stare at the two television monitors, you might assume that the fish on each of the screens are separate entities. After all, because the cameras are set at different angles, each of the images will be slightly different. But as you continue to watch the two fish, you will eventually become aware that there is a certain relationship between them.

When one turns, the other also makes a slightly different but corresponding turn; when one faces the front, the other always faces toward the side. If you remain unaware of the full scope of the situation, you might even conclude that the fish must be instantaneously communicating with one another, but this is clearly not the case. This, says Bohm, is precisely what is going on between the subatomic particles in Aspect’s experiment.” *For some fantastic resources on Holograms, see Spiritual Endeavors.

In other words, we can view the fish from either one of two ways. We can see the fish as two different fish (separateness) or as one fish from two different points of view (connectedness).

How to Apply the Law of Attraction

Remember that everything is an illusion. Your house, the furniture in your home and the money in your bank are all illusions. Separateness is an illusion. Separateness is preventing you from harnessing the Law of Attraction.

You must understand from a holographic model that everything is connected and that you are connected to everything. Everything is energy and you are energy. You are a continuous wave of transforming energy. You have the code and the power to produce your reality.

You are constructing your entire reality through the hologram. Here’s the formula again,

Code + Power = Holographic Illusion

You see, if everything you see is an illusion then everything you see is also a hologram. This means that you have the power to influence and change anything in your hologram. You create your hologram of reality.

The “code” is your thought. The “power” is the feeling behind that thought. If you want to create a new reality then you’ve got think thoughts and add intense feeling to those thoughts,

Thought + Feeling = Holographic Reality

Your thoughts, just like the code in the hologram are meaningless on their own. You must add intense feelings (power) to those thoughts. Once you do, you will alter your current reality through the Law of Attraction.

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