You have probably heard that true abundance and success are your birthright.

This statement, on the face of it, seems somewhat outrageous and I would not blame your for dismissing it, particularly if you believe that true success comes through hard work and that you are helpless in the face of the many outside influences that impact on our existence.

What if I told you that success and abundance are already yours and once you get the scientific evidence and learn how to use this new knowledge you could turn your fortunes around much faster than you ever imagined?

If you understand what I am about to share with you, you have the basis to turn your life around, now. It will greatly help you to increase your cognitive awareness and control your mind.

Let me explain very briefly the essence of the work of the famous scientists Heisenberg, Wheeler and Bohm. These men and a few others have changed the way we see our reality. Their research will have change the way in which society as a whole will function in the future. There are no ifs and buts about this statement, because what they have proven is on a par with the findings of Copernicus and Galileo Galileo

The present quantum shifts in the world of economics will usher in unprecedented changes in the socio economic fabric of our world. It is true that the turmoil many of us are experiencing at present can be distressing, stressful and downright sad as we see the old world order disappear and it feels at times as if a rug is pulled from underneath our feet. Alas what is very exciting and has enormous potential to empower the human race beyond that which we believed possible even a few decades ago.

Our existence is simple energy in different states of manifestation. We live in a soup of energy. And our bodies and thoughts are nothing but pure energy. Energy comes in waves and different frequencies. It is omni present, and it has always been there. Energy can be changed, but it cannot be added to or taken away from. This means that there is neither a beginning nor an end.

The only thing that is real is now. Now always is, it is endless and it is infinite. The only thing that changes is the energy frequency of your thinking. What you observe in your world as beginnings and endings are an illusion.

Wave theory says that a wave can travel from the past into the future, but also from the future into the past. This means that your future has already happened.

Your thoughts are sending waves into the future, or into the past.This is also referred to in psychology as projection. We make up our reality, like setting goals, or making judgements about other people and situations by projecting from the past into the future.

Since the waves you send out through your thinking will always find the corresponding wave of the greatest coherence or synergy you will literally get what you are thinking about.

If, for example. you keep thinking about the money you lost in the recent stock market rout and you need to be careful in the future your mind sees nothing but that you need to be careful, and that you lost money. This is hardly the kind of thinking that is a sound foundation for your goals.

If you think these thoughts on a persistent basis they become pervasive and, hey presto, your reality is in place for you. In other words you create what you focus on, in our example, probably fear, stress anxiety and procrastination.

The present perpetual negativity of the media is becoming a self fulfilling prophecy. As millions read the daily papers filled with doom and gloom our undisciplined minds are adding to the lower frequency waves which link into other waves of similar frequency by thinking fearful thoughts of anxiety, stress and resentment thus compounding the ecconomic demise.

Everything you are thinking of, good or bad, is already there, but initially in an unmanifest state. You literally create your future success and abundance or lack of it through the way you think and the ways you act.

Now, the good news is that it is actually much easier to change your reality than you presently think it is. Therefore, your number one goal should be to learn mind control and increasing your cognitive awareness.

Learn to observe your thinking. Watch out for those negativistic that keep popping up in your head, like asteroids. They come, you can see them and before you have grasped them they are gone and the next one is there. This is how the mind works. It is always in motion, always thinking. You cannot stop this, but you can learn to direct your thinking.

You should educate yourself about techniques that assist you in clearing out negativity, fear, anger and anxiety. There are plenty of cognitive awareness techniques around to train your mind. For example, there is EFT and Micro EFT, a relatively new but potent form of energy therapy which can be learned easily by anyone. Energy psychology holds the key to changing our lives because it goes straight to the core of our problem, teaching us how to manipulate the energy inside us and around us, or in other words how to direct energy through matter.

Once you grasp this simple principle and learn to use your mind to focus on what you want persistently instead of focusing on what you do not want you can create a new world. a world that unfolds in line with your desires.

There is no need for the pervasive negativity we are presently engulfed in. We have brought this upon ourselves, and it is within our power to change it. Instead of focusing on the media barrage of bad forecasts spend the next twelve months learning as much as you can about universal laws and how we create our reality. Then use the tools and see your world change for the better.

Change does not happen over night, it starts with that first small step. The only remaining question now is this: Do you have the courage to take that first step for the promise of a better life and ultimately a better world?

Author's Bio: 

Mercedes Oestermann van Essen is a human development coach and energy therapist. She has created the Happy Venn Diagram for environment, body and mind and teaches integral life principles in her books, audios, workshops and retreats.