The drive of a human being is truly unbeatable. Look how far we have come over the course of history. If you went back to the early 1800's and told them about some of the things we have accomplished today, they would look at you funny and have you committed to a crazy hospital.

Looking forward, what do you think the technology and medical advances of the year 2100 will be like? If I was to take a guess, I would say they would be truly amazing. Do you think that the people who achieve these advances will have tasted defeat? Absolutely, defeat comes with any journey to success. It is those individuals who keep pushing forward who get to experience the thrill of victory.

Where are you in your life today? Are you chasing your dreams? Or having you given up because you have experienced some setbacks?

When you are chasing success, you are going to have setbacks. What determines what happens from there is how you deal with these setbacks. Are you going to use them as stumbling blocks? Or are you going to use them as stepping stones?

When you have a setback in your life, it is only a test. It is up to you on how bad you want to achieve your desired outcomes. Do you have the will to succeed? Do you have the will to win?

If you believe in your abilities to achieve and stay committed to your desired outcomes, you will find a way. It is hard to keep a person who is infected with persistence down. You have to decide that no matter what happens along the way, failure is not an option. You are going to succeed because you believe in your abilities to achieve. Nothing is going to stop you.

Get your passion burning hotter than ever. Get excited about your desired outcomes. Get excited about your dreams and make them come true. You hold the key to your future, go out there and make your future happen now.

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Hooman Hamzehloui is a motivational speaker. Learn more when you visit