The two most powerful words salespeople can say to prospects and customers are - thank you.

People are starving for recognition. But if you don't get recognition you're not likely to give it. Big mistake!

A simple thank you goes a long way.

Are you trying to create wealth for you and your family? If you are, you should realize and appreciate that wealth comes wrapped in

gratitude. You can learn more about this in The Science Of Getting Rich For Salespeople And Entrepreneurs.

Gratitude is the gift that keeps on giving.

While this is true, it's also true that most people are too busy and overwhelmed with their work to express their gratitude - especially to


Try to cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you; and to give thanks continuously.

And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.

Well that makes sense!

Here's a simple truth. The more grateful you are when good things happen to you, the more good things will happen to you. An attitude

of gratitude brings you closer to the source of the blessings you have received.

Forgive a little sidebar here - "Whenever you say thank you to God, he always gets the message."

Take for example this selling situation:

You close a big sale. Your customer is very happy and pleased with the product / service you provided.

You ask for and get three referrals from your customer.

How do you say thank you?

When do you say thank you?

How often do you say thank you?

When you receive a gift, here are some "Thank you" guidelines from Colin Cowie, an event planner.

You get 10 points for sending a written thank you note within 48 hours.

You get 9 points for a telephone call.

You get 8 points for sending an e-mail.

You get 7 points for sending a FAX.

Colin also says "It's never too late to say thank you."

So, your customer gives you three referrals and you send a hand-written note. Is that it?

Well of course not - especially if you want to get even more referrals from your customer.

Keep your customer informed with the progress you're having or not having with each referral.

When a referral becomes a customer, it becomes another opportunity to thank the original customer again. Your additional gratitude might just trigger even more referrals.

Showing your appreciation is always appreciated - so don't be stingy with it - do it often.

You can make everyday a day of Thanksgiving - simply by showing your gratitude!

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Jim Meisenheimer is the former Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Baxter International and is the creator of No-Brainer Sales Training.His sales techniques and selling skills focus on practical ideas that get immediate results. You can discover all his secrets by contacting him at (800) 266-1268 or e-mail: