In a New York Times survey, it was determined that most people find jobs through networking. In fact, the greater majority find them this way.

Networking - 64%
Advertisements - 11%
Search Firms - 12%
Other - 9%
Internet - 4%

Are you doing everything you can to network and find the right connections? It’s clear that just going through the motions on the internet or in other ways is not going to get you that next great job. You must tell everyone you know that you are looking and you should go to as many networking meetings as possible. Always have your business cards available a don’t be stingy about handing them out!

That next great job is not going to happen overnight. The average time for job transition is 5.5 months. So you must be diligent, persistent, and positive!

Another thing you should be aware of is that online job sites produce few jobs. This are the stats according to the Wall Street Journal:

Monster - 1.4%
Hotjobs - 0.39%
CareerBuilder - 0.29%
HeadHunter - 0.27%

Remember, YOU are in charge of your job search. Start with a top notch resume, use all your connections, and know that it may take some time, but you WILL succeed.

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Stefanie Spikell, owner of two companies, Expert Resumes and Clear Communications Business Consulting, is a noted business/careers coach, management consultant and resume writer. In her 20-year career, she has managed marketing communications departments for major engineering firms, taught at the university level, published hundreds of business-related reports and articles, and written thousands of winning resumes.
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