One big sales tip. When working with your prospects and customers focus on their needs and their customers' challenges. That's where the ideas are.

One big sales tip. Imagine you sell shower curtains and shower rods to hotel chains.

You call on hotel chains. You want to be different. Your big idea is to help hotels to differentiate their sleeping rooms is a bowed shower curtain rod.

In the shower - the space is the same, it just feels bigger and better. Why can't a sales person think up big ideas like this?

One big sales tip. Everybody and his mother and grandmother has Pyrex measuring cups in their kitchen cabinets.

They lasted for years and demand was declining. One big idea - change the handle to make the measuring cups stackable and the rest is history. Sales take off!

Big ideas are everywhere! But you have to be looking for them. They're not going to tap you on the shoulder and say "Here I am - ready or not!"

Big ideas are the result of one basic question and this is a huge sales tip for you to consider.

It's an easy question and it seldom gets asked. It's the incubator for all big ideas.

You'll be amazed how customers will respond to you if you ask this question once a day.

Your customers will be delirious if you asked this question on every sales call.

Guess what - when you ask this question often you will attract the big ideas that you can share with your customers.

The question that leads to big ideas is "How can we do it better?" Keep asking this question and your plate will soon be filled with big ideas you can share with your customers.

Big ideas can win customers for a lifetime!

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