New Year Resolutions come and go, but an idea turned into an intention can become a powerful magnet that draws you toward what you truly desire. So what is the difference between a resolution and an intention? How do you create an intention that inspires you rather then repels you away? A resolution is decision that has been made and determined and there seems to be no give or take. An intention is a purpose, and is a guide toward a planned action. A purpose can go in different directions and has some give or take. An intention opens us to a world of possibilities and a will to help ourselves.

In my opinion what has happened in our society is that Resolutions have often zeroed in on a perceived negative aspect of ourselves. “I want to lose weight therefore no more chocolate chip cookies or other desserts.” An intention explores what’s behind the thought or feeling. “I crave desserts when I am feeling stressed or scared. I will set an intention to become conscious of the craving and allow my feelings to arise and pass rather than fill up on extra calories.” Also, with intentions you want to praise yourself with the effort you are giving vs. focusing on what you are doing wrong.

Sue has this to say about changing her mindset, “I began thinking less about my weight and more about keeping my mind and body healthy. It was this mental shift that helped me achieve what became a foundation to keep me moving forward with positive behavior and without putting the focus on my weight and I started to lose weight.”

Here are 5 steps to help you get inspired and excited about your intentions.

1. Create Space. When you can eliminate or reduce the time you spend on values that no longer serve you, you will create pockets of time and space to accomplish the action steps towards your intention.

2. Consider Your Values. What are you spending time on that may not be serving your core values. This a great time of year to take and look within and make a list of what you would really like to say “no” to and what you would desire to say “yes” towards. Who would you like to be this year? You see, doing and having are the result of what you are being. So live your core values and be true to yourself and you will attract the necessary steps to shift toward your intention.

3. Be Inspired. Your intention should ignite, excite, and inspire you. So this week, set aside time to write in a journal and meditate. Mull over your typical resolutions. How did they make you feel? Anxious? Unsettled? Excited? Incomplete? Confident? Now contemplate how you would like to feel during the coming year. Is there any way you can reframe your results-orientated resolutions into something that will make this year’s journey more joyful and worthwhile and fill your needs?

Create a short sentence or phrase for your intention: Be careful not to set limitations based on fear. Example: “May life bring me only happiness and joy this year,” consider, “May I be happy and open to what life brings me.” Instead of “I want to lose weight this year,” consider, “May I be open to healthier ways to live my life.”

4. Visualize Your Future Self. Close your eyes and project yourself into the future. Imagine what it's like as you are living your intention. Picture how you feel, think, look, and act--as though it's happening this very moment. Create a vivid, exciting image of yourself living it out then return
to this vision frequently to maintain the pull your intention has on you.

5. Set Mini-Goals. A magnet cannot attract an object that's too far away to feel its pull. A great example that was shared with me was my goal to drive from Minneapolis to Orlando.. I would not get there in one fail swoop. I would set a mini goal to get to St. Louise to take a break, get some rest, gas my car up and nourish my body with a good meal. My next goal may be to get to Memphis TN to Montgomery Al and finally to Orlando FL. Mini-goals to get to the big goal. Enjoy the journey!

6. Be flexible and creative. Use your map to chart your course but be open to new paths to your goals. Obstacles and detours are a natural part of change and provide important learning opportunities. When you are patient and gentle with yourself, you'll discover creative solutions that help you grow beyond anything you could have imagined. As you become more clear throughout the year about your intention and mindful in the journey, you’ll see that you are not only drawn toward the outcome but your intentions are drawn toward you.


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The founder of Aim For It – Fitness Coaching, Amy Lundberg is an accomplished and in-demand Lifestyle and Motivational Fitness Coach.

Amy specializes in guiding clients to set aside the barriers, baggage, and limiting beliefs that are keeping them from reaching their goals. Being a mother of three small children and a wife to a loving and supportive husband, Amy has taken her own challenges and experiences as well as her education to help busy women balance family, business, and their personal health successfully.

Whether she is collaborating with you one-on-one through her innovative coaching programs or uplifting and educating large groups of people through her captivating speaking engagements, her simple and results based mind, body and spirit process empowers you to overcome the limitations of the past so you can accomplish a quality of life that support and inspires you through exercise and nutrition.

The breadth and depth of Amy’s knowledge on health, fitness and emotional eating is a result of years of research, study and direct application. Her distinguished career is marked not only by the success of her many clients, but also through the numerous awards and certifications she has achieved.

Along with being the co-host of the Fitness Talk Radio Show Living Your Personal Best, she is the author of Self Care Before Sit Ups- A Women’s guide to taking frustration and failure out of fitness. Amy has produced a weekly television segment called Fitness Tips and she is often quoted in various print media as a result of her inspiring and proven system for guiding others to get fit and lose weight through a mind, body and spirit approach.

No matter where you are in your journey to achieving your desired outcome, Amy’s engaging and down to Earth style, coupled with a practical, proven and inspiring approach to achieving a healthy lifestyle, makes her a fitness and lifestyle coach women of all ages can relate to.

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