How Much Would You Like To Earn?

Right now, here in this article, I am going to help you MASSIVELY increase your earnings!

OK, before we start - I need you to answer two questions for me. They are really easy and you don’t have to share the answer with anyone.

Here they are:
Firstly, are you happy with your current income – yes or no?

Secondly, how much money would you like to earn?

As you know, the vast majority of people complain about how little they earn. Employees complain about their salary, business owners complain about their profits and their salary. Ironically, the process of earning more (lots more) is actually extremely easy. However, most people complain about their income and leave it at that.

They Complain – But stay the same!

Here’s a simple two step process that anyone can use to MASSIVELY increase, their income:

STEP 1: Understand why you earn your current income
Your income is always a direct reflection of your market value. Obviously, as a person – a parent, brother, sister, son or daughter you are literally priceless, but if you are in the workplace, you have a market value. This figure is based on the value of what you bring to your employer or to the marketplace if you are self-employed.

A great way for any of us to ascertain our current market value is to honestly examine just how difficult it would be to replace us!

So, if you work for an employer and you were to leave, how difficult would it be for your boss to employ someone to do the tasks you currently do? If you run a business, how difficult would it be for the marketplace to find another equally good supplier of your product or service? The difficulty or ease at which you can be replaced is a key determining factor in your income. This explains why a hard working Nurse earns less than a Solicitor. Does the Solicitor work harder than the Nurse – nope! My I have two family members who worked as Nurses and I can assure you they work VERY HARD! The thing is, there is a very limited supply of qualified Solicitors and fortunately for us all, every hospital in every town has a great team of dedicated, hard working Nurses.

STEP 2: To earn more, you must bring more value to your employer or your customers/clients

If you are working in a career that offers and values a professional qualification - get that qualification if you intend to stay in that profession! If you would be of more value to your employer by being able to operate a particular software package, take the time to master that package. Every investment brings with it a return. The key is to invest in developing the skills that will increase your market value. Ask your employer which of the tasks you do, he or she values the most and focus your efforts on doing those tasks superbly.

What guarantee could you offer that would increase the marketplace’s perception of your quality? For example, I am the only Trainer in my area of expertise that offers a 100% money-back guarantee to delegates, if they do not experience immediate, measurable results on my seminars. This guarantee has had a massive impact on the value the market places on the quality of my work. To make this offer, I knew I had to be able to achieve results with literally everyone I trained, so that’s exactly how I designed my seminars. Is it a coincidence that I also earn far more each year than any of the Trainers I know – no, it is down to value.

The Training Manager of a UK Chamber of Commerce once asked me why his team were unable to literally GIVE their training away for free; when my seminars were selling-out at $1000 per person in the same area, at the same time. I explained to him that it was all about value - and that a FREE OF CHARGE course is still very expensive; if the people attending waste a day of their time and learn nothing of real importance or use! It’s all about increasing your value - because people will HAPPILY pay for value.

STEP 3: Make THEE decision
Now that we have discovered that the way to increase your earnings is to either make yourself more valuable, if you are an employee, or to make yourself and your business more valuable, if you are a business owner; you now have a decision to make.

This is what I call the(e) decision on this subject – here it is:

Are you going to invest in yourself, so that you increase your market value and thus your income?

This is all about YOU – not your boss, your clients or customers, the marketplace or anyone else – it’s all about YOU. The decision is YOURS, the rewards are YOURS the extra peace-of-mind is YOURS the quality of life improvements are all YOURS too.

However, most people get this the wrong way around! Employees wait for their boss to pay for them to attend a course or learn a new skill. Employers often wait for a local grant organisation to pay for them or their company to invest in itself. Isn’t that incredible - That a business owner would give the responsibility for their company’s development to a grant provider? All the knowledge you need in order to achieve any of your targets is already out there PLEASE do not waste your time waiting for someone else to pay for it. Go now and gather the information you need in order to achieve your best results ever.

Sadly, most people suffer from what is referred to as, ‘the inoculation theory of education’. It is as if we leave school or university, get our qualifications and then use them to inoculate ourselves against ever having to learn again. People often proudly state that they are still learning and that they do not know everything - yet their actions suggest otherwise! They will waste their money on a trip to the local burger bar, but refuse to invest in their own development.

A few new skills are the difference between living where you want to live, or where you have to live – driving what you want to drive or what you have to drive! If you are going to go to work anyway; decide RIGHT NOW to invest everything you have in making yourself as massively valuable as possible.

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