The flood and other types of calamities give massive damage to the people particularly living in the flood prone area. Apart from flood, Fire, Earthquake, Floods, Hurricanes, and Snowfall can also damage the majority of the people. Under this circumstances the federal government has provides assistance through Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) under the national flood insurance program.

The responsibility of the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) is to identify the major effected region and identify the risk and the proposed development under the risk zone. To do this the FEMA gets the basic estimates under the Flood Insurance Rate Map models to get the idea about the flood elevations and risk zones.

Under the Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs), you can get details on-line about the affected area and the population gets affected in the area. You must have to get the detailed information from the FEMA Map Center. The FEMA Map Service Center (MSC) also gives the map of the area and the report of the particular region in the soft copy. You also get the pictures online or in CD-ROM on request at the FEMA centre.

The FEMA provides the free download facilities to the people who want to know the detailed about the population. You can also make your own "FIRMette" too. It is describe on the name of users and you can Map at 100-percent scale that printed on standard paper. If you want to see the map you need to download the image viewer to see the map. You can zoom in and out the image, as you want. In addition, F-MIT also provides customers to get the "FIRMette” You can download the F-MIT Basic image viewer from the website without any additional cost.

The FEMA can make it possible to see the paper and other information online. The customer care department can also provide the assistance.

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