We attract what we expect, period.

Remember the time you went to attend an interview and you were confident you would do well. And guess what happened; you aced that interview!

And again there were times you were less than confident about an exam or some other meeting, and again, the opposite happened - it didn’t go so well!

When you expect success, you get success; on the other hand, if you expect failure or expect bad things to happen to you, that is also what you will get.

If you believe certain things about a certain person, they will act in that way or something will happen to make you think they are responsible for it. This in turn reinforces your belief that this person is a certain way or did what you suspect them of doing. Only, it may not be true.

But it wasn’t always like this was it? Were we always predisposed to expect the one or the other, or is there something that happened to us along the way?

When we were born we were not predisposed to any side. What we had was pure potential to expect anything, to be anything, to have anything.

However when we came into our human experience we joined pre-existing situations or our arrival created a situation. And exactly how that situation unfolds; in other words, how the people who share your earliest experience interact with each other and with you will determine how you will eventually be predisposed.

A loving, nurturing environment with lots of encouragement and support will make you believe that the entire human experience is like that. The result is that you begin to expect this in all your interactions. Even if in your later life you come across people who are not as loving or as supportive you will continue to view the world as good and expect good experiences to come your way.

The opposite is true for someone who is born into situation that is less positive. Examples I can think of here are children who are born to people who are not exactly thrilled that it came into the world such as the result of a teenage pregnancy or another unplanned pregnancy. When your first experiences of the world are negative, you tend to begin to view the world as such. And as you start to expect negative experiences, you can’t help but attract them.

It is the law of attraction at work - Like attracts like.

So does this mean that you are doomed to always attract a certain type of experience? By no means!

Even if you are currently predisposed to expect good things or bad things, you always have the power to choose something else.

However changes should not only occur on the conscious level, they should also happen on the subconscious level. Even though you have made a conscious decision to expect only good things, you’ll find that you will unconsciously still expect bad things to happen which will unfortunately come to pass.

There are various ways in which you can do this including, doing affirmations and visualization on your own. The problem with just doing visualizations and affirmations without any aid is that you will encounter resistance from your conscious mind.

Being in a deep meditative state when you do visualization and affirmations help. This is because you’re able to bypass the conscious mind and hence ensures that the new programming reach the subconscious.

There is a little known way to change your programming and attract the things you want. And when you see how easy it is to attract positive things, you will start to expect more positive things, hence attracting even more good things to flow your way.

This process is called Creative Questions, and it is easy and fun, and it works!

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